Kandinsky Art for Kinders

We moved to a new place and our boys found new friends, so for this art lesson, which is an extension of our color-wheel lesson, we did it with their new friends. Using the primary colors, we did our version of Kandinsky Circle.

 photo 712AACB1-6BFD-4F9B-AEA0-58DA2EEBC50A_zpsfyefqmce.jpg

For this activity, we used, white oslo paper, poster colors – red, blue & yellow, & brush paints.The painting begins, by drawing 8 squares. We divided the paper lengthwise, by drawing a horizontal line using color yellow, then drawing 3 vertical lines to achieve 8 squares. Once there are 8 squares, then, the fun begins.

 photo 52A38B2A-313C-42E8-A5DF-A1499224ED9C_zpstarur2vu.jpg

The kids then draw circle on all the squares. I instructed them the color to be used in each circle and they followed. I have set a few rules before we start the activity and emphasized that it is important to follow instructions and they were cooperating well. But as we go along, they started mixing colors. My youngest Zian, even end up choosing his own colors. But not a biggie. I just let them explore the colors, It’s art after all.  It’s fun, then you’ll see the result are lovely.


 photo fe7042e6-69fa-42fa-8ec4-968171399091_zpsydzdcwaa.jpg

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