Finally, Homeschool Coop!

We have been looking for a homeschool coop here in UAE. For over a year, we survived our homeschooling without one. And I have to admit that through out our first year of homeschooling, the feeling of alienation, sometimes creeps in. And this is why I am beaming with joy when our family were invited to the family day of Homeschool Global Coop.

So, you maybe wondering what is a coop, to which I’ve always wanted to become a member since day 1 of our homeschooling. Coop is from the word cooperative defined as two or more people or groups working towards the same goal. In homeschooling, a coop is a group of family who get together to provide educational and social activities for their children. It is also an avenue for homeschool support and learning, not just for kids but for the parent-teacher as well.

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Connecting with other homeschooling families is very encouraging. Meeting moms and dads with the same goal and learning from their hands on experience in homeschooling, inspires me a lot, and drives me to be a better homeschooling mom. So, having a coop around, will definitely enrich our homeschooling experience. I’m so glad meeting these families and thankful for new found friendships. It’s good to know, that in this country where homeschooling is kinda off the wall, we are not alone in this route. I for sure, will have someone to share my joys and struggles being a homeschool mom. I am looking forward for more fun learning activities for our little ones. Happy to be part of HG Coop.

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