Arabia’s Wildlife Center

The kids were learning about animals, their characteristics, habitat and their importance. I initially thought of taking them to the zoo within the city, but I actually dreaded it due to the scorching heat. It is not yet the best time to go to the zoo here in UAE. But, I really don’t like to end our lesson on animals without them meeting those creatures that God created. I was hopeful that an indoor zoo might be present somewhere, in this part of the world, so I did a research and came to know about Arabia’s Wild Life Center. My discovery about this place was timely for the planned field trip of Homeschool Global Dubai, I suggested the place and eventually we visited. And so our family didn’t visit the zoo alone, but with the entire homeschooling families of Homeschool Global Dubai. The more the merrier it is.

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Arabia’s Wild Life center is one among the three attractions at the Sharjah Desert Park. It is a home to endangered Arabian animal species, located in the outskirt of Sharjah along Al-Dhaid road. An indoor zoo, where most of the animals were in a vivarium and classified according to animal order.

Our homeschoolers were delighted to see different creatures that they don’t see everyday. My boys got even more excited when they saw the birds in the aviary, perched on a branch of a tree and not confined in cages. But I thought, they could have put more birds with such huge space. As we walk through the aviary, we were ushered into a cave-like area where we are greeted by night animals, bats and fox. From the aviary, we reached the cafeteria, where we enjoyed a huge view of animals on their outside habitat, while we refresh ourselves. There were deer, arabian oryx, ibex and few flamingos. The kids thought we reached the end, but as we walk towards the exit, there are more animals to see. We were walking towards the finale, and by this time, the kids were happy to see the baboons munching some leaves, and the smoldering eyes of the leopard and cheetah, all in their own space, separated by a gully. Such a nice place for family, but unfortunately, photography is not allowed in the zoo.

It’s our first time in a zoo here in UAE, and I must say, that it’s a distinctive zoo setting. Definitely a good place for the curious little minds. It’s the right place for them to learn about the wild animals of Arabia. It’s worth a drive. The entrance fee cost AED 15.00 for all 3 attractions. Other attraction includes Natural History & Botanical Museum and the Children’s Farm. Children below 12 years old are free. It’s open Sunday  to Thursday from 9am to 5.30pm,  Friday is 2pm to 5.30pm and on Saturday 11am to 5.30pm and closed on Tuesday. For bookings contact this number +971 050 2730973.

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