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My growing up boys are cultivating an interest in reading. They are an emerging reader and they still loved being read to. They look forward to our bed time stories, that sometimes we read even past their bedtime.  They’re also one happy fella whenever they receive books as a present. I guess, you won’t be surprised to find out that they are growing a library in our tiny abode.  I remember when we moved here in UAE, we’ve got 1 medium box full of books. The little men wanted to bring all of the books, they can’t just afford to leave them on the shelf back home. Well, I knew the feeling, as I hold on a tighter grip on my books as well, so I understood where they come from. But we managed to only bring their favorite books from Dr. Zues, Scholastics’ Magic School Bus, and Thomas & Friends stories.

I know, I am responsible in nurturing their interest in reading, and it’s not going to be a breeze, I knew it. Nevertheless, we’re making time teaching our boys reading. We made use of what was already available on our shelves, as we struggle to find affordable books. You know, good books are quite pricey. I remember back home, I’m fond of hunting down book sale, for good and affordable books. Here, I seldom catch book sale, if I do, I sure get home with new books in tow for the little boys and maybe one for myself. Sometimes, if I had the budget, I buy good books on regular price, but this seldom happens as books here are expensive compared back home.

Good thing I found According to their website, bookish is by book lovers for book lovers, with an aim to share reading to everyone through their large book catalog from children to adult books. Basically, bookish is an online book rental that delivers books to your doorstep for free. You can start renting, by subscribing to their plans, starting at AED 49.00 per month, which includes an access to their very reading program, and they also offer a one-time-free access for non-members.

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I guess I found an affordable option over buying books. I’m putting my best foot for this program. We can definitely nurture our boys’ reading skills by giving them more books to read. Our family is currently subscribed on Book Family Plan, which allows us to borrow 4 adult books and 4 children’s books at a time, but we can borrow more books in exchange of previously borrowed books.

 photo E5534AD6-BB77-45F5-8F0F-5216251BD987_zpshe3h1hji.jpg

If this concept sounds appealing to you, visit their website to get to know more about their service. And should you wish to subscribe, Bookish will be giving 15% discount on membership to my readers. To redeem, just follow the instructions below.

2. Click the red JOIN NOW button on the right
3. Select any plan you would like and click Join for 1 Month
4. On the shopping cart page where it says DISCOUNT CODE enter MOMSICLE15 and click APPLY COUPON. Ignore the AED 100 book      
    deposit because you won’t be paying it
5. Enter your delivery information on the next page

6. Select Cash on Delivery for payment

Once you get an email from their system, it means that everything is set, and you can start adding books on your rental queue.

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  1. Thanks for writing about us! And that is one good looking book delivery. I would love to know your thoughts on Maria Montessori’s book. =) – Eden from

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