Homeschool Global Dubai | First Educational Field Trip

 photo 14203169_10208247749124487_7220764832725930527_n_zpsd7hsm7dq.jpgHomeschool Global Dubai families are growing. It’s good that they’ve finally reached this part of the world and make homeschooling easy for us, OFW families.

The coop has started few activities for our kids and recently, we hold our first educational field trip to Sharjah Dessert Park, where our homeschoolers were exposed to the wild life of the Arabian world. This was my boys’ first zoo visit here in UAE, a very timely activity for my homeschoolers as we capped off our lesson on animals.

The field trip was held at the Dessert Park, located in the outskirt of Sharjah last September 3. So, you see, this is a late post. Thank God, I finally had the time to post about the trip. We visited 3 attractions, the Arabia’s Wild Life Center, the Natural History & Botanical Museum and the Children’s Farm. Our first stop was the Wild Life Center, I guess this was the highlight of the field trip. The kids were in high jinks; I saw their bright faces as we explore the place. We got them on a zoo scavenger hunt, for an extra fun learning. The hunts were geared around what they learned in science. Unfortunately, photography is not allowed inside the zoo.

 photo 14199593_174118746330955_321905132966590558_n_zpsc4vworvm.jpg

 photo 14142004_10208251242651823_1790280713714667459_n_zpsjcyrntiv.jpg

The next stop was at the Natural History & Botanical Museum.  The kids (and the parents as well) discovered the natural history of the region. You can see displays of marine ecosystem, dessert, fossils and even dinosaurs. In the same building was the Botanical Museum, which offer a window to the flora and fauna of the Arabia.
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Then come our last stop, the children farm. The kids had an interactive experience with the farm animals. They enjoyed feeding the goats & the sheep. The farm is an open area and the kids could have enjoyed it more, had we visited the place on winter days. Sadly the scorching heat, limits the kids interaction with the animals.

 photo IMG_7044_zpsvobfy1so.jpg

It was fun learning along side my kids. Yes, it wasn’t only the little ones who learned, but the parents as well. I,personally wiled by the rich & vibrant history of this region. It’s always interesting to learn about the things and events that shaped this world. Looking for more fun-educational activities with the homeschooling community here in UAE.

6 thoughts on “Homeschool Global Dubai | First Educational Field Trip

  1. Leah here, new homeschooler. We just enrolled our three kids to homeschool global. We arr also based in Dubai. I hope that we could join your community. Thank u.
    I enjoyed reading your blog.:)

  2. Hi! So happy to find your blog. I am a mom of 2 boys based here in Dubai, thinking of enrolling my kids in homeschooling though I’m a bit hesitant but your blog is giving me a stronger conviction that I should push through the idea.

    1. Hi Mae! It’s good that you are considering homeschooling…Think about it carefully and it is important that you and your spouse should coincide in homeschooling your children, because it is a family commitment. All the best!

  3. Vijaya here, after reading your blog I am convinced that homeschooling will definitely be a great choice for my niece.

    I want to know more as to how we can connect and take this ahead.

    Looking forward to hearing from you

    1. Hi! I’m glad that your family took a leap by choosing homeschooling. There are homeschooling community around the city. Try googling Dubai & Northern Emirates homeschool association and Abu dhabi homeschool association. There are also homeschool providers available, just google them. You may also read my post how to homeschool your children in UAE

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