Tape Resist | An Easy Art Activity for Kids

I introduced the boys to canvas and acrylic painting lately. I tried searching for inspiration in pinterest and found this easy and fun tape resist activity for kids, perfect for beginners. It’s so simple but with lovely outcome.

For this activity, you will be needing, canvas, acrylic paint, paint brush and painter’s tape.

To begin with the activity, use the painter’s tape to layout your design. Horizontal, vertical, diagonal lines, it’s all up to you how you would like your canvas to look like. Once you have the layout on the canvas, here comes the exciting part. Let the kids play with colors. Paint within the lines / boxes and encourage the kids to use as many colors as they like. You can also opt for monochrome, it all depends on the design you have in mind.

 photo 5E142142-12C5-4002-B358-CA1472ED6B5C_zpshfpvrbhd.jpg

When all the boxes are painted, have time to dry it, then remove the tapes.

 photo 62724CF6-74F2-4A47-828D-1C68F160E11D_zps7zdz3hpe.jpg photo AB4CA57F-347F-4715-AD01-6C39083F3D82_zpskzlg3dya.jpg

And the result is lovely.

Are you thinking of doing this with your kids? Before you get excited, do consider this. For best result, use only painter’s tape for this activity. Unfortunately, I don’t have painter’s tape in the craft box when we did this activity, so I thought the normal transparent tape will do. Although the result were still good, I think it was not a good move at all, because there were noticeable dirty spot when we take off the tape. Moreover, the transparency of the tape, made it difficult for the kids to see the edges of the lines. Colored painter’s tape, will make the line works bold and visible enough for kids to paint.

Have fun with your kids!

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