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 photo corn-hole-clip-art-item-1-vector-magz-free-download-vector-em3gTA-clipart_zpsuzek2kob.jpgCornhole is a fun game that can be played to raise money for a special event or that can be played with family and friends at the end of the day. If you plan on playing in the evening when it’s hard to see outside, then consider adding cornhole lights to the board so that you can see where you’re tossing the beanbags.

There are several ideas that you can use when it comes to installing the lights, but the easiest thing to do is to add a string of lights around the holes. White lights are sufficient, but you can add lights that blend with the theme of the board, such as lights that match the color of a sports team. If the lights are around the holes, then you’ll easily be able to tell where the bags are to be tossed instead of guessing at where they land.

Another idea is to use lights around the exterior of the boards. LED lights are often brighter and last longer. You can also add lights that glow in the dark or that are lit by solar energy. This would prevent you from having cords everywhere while playing. Blue or green lights are ideal as they are usually brighter. They also give off a fun effect at night while you’re playing, making it seem almost like you’re playing in a different world than in your back yard.

Aside from the lights that can be installed around the board, you can put lights inside the holes that will illuminate the area of the board. If you have switches that can be installed, then consider adding a pressure switch that will make lights come on when the bag is tossed through or into the hole or onto certain areas of the board. If you need more lights, then you can install the bulbs on the bottom of the boards so that the entire area underneath is bright. This sometimes makes the top of the board a little darker, but you could poke a few holes in the board for the light to shine through in a fun design.

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  1. Adding accessories on your cornhole boards is definitely great. This makes the game more fun and enjoyable seeing those lights. Your kids too will surely like it and will keep on playing cornhole game.

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