Where to Turn For Electrical Help

photo from cableorganizer.com
photo from cableorganizer.com

The answer is a well-experienced licensed General Electrician that guarantees their workmanship for a period of years and stands ready to repair any problems free of charge if some should occur during that time. Their knowledgeable technicians are willing and able to make sure that the wiring in your home or business is properly connected and safe up to the code in your area and can also fix any problems that could possibly prove dangerous.

The metal box with switches is your main panel that is the heart of your electrical system and the distribution point for all your building’s electric circuits. As you continue to add circuits and electrical appliances, the demand on the power panel is increased. Depending on the age of the building and the amount of electricity used, it may become necessary for the power panel to be replaced or consider adding a sub-panel in order to keep up with the electrical demand.

The main electrical panel is the central distribution point for the branch circuits, which are connected to the service panel by circuit breakers, which have the purpose of safety because they cut off electricity if there is an overload. You are able to turn them on and off to restrict power to a specific circuit.

The power comes from the utility company through the main panel and then to the wires that split off and provide service to the various parts of the structure. Service wire lugs bring in every amount of electricity. If your home has an obsolete panel, a screw-in fuse panel, or has lost its UL listing because of a faulty circuit breaker or main breaker, it may be necessary to consider a new electrical panel..

Installing that new electrical panel will increase your peace of mind and safety by knowing that the heart of the electrical system is working properly. Upgrading or changing out the electrical service is also definitely a job for an experienced electrician.

When you need an electrical panel installation Jacksonville, or any other electrical work including lighting or ceiling fan installations, recessed lighting, and more, turn to Mister Sparky, a  locally owned-and operated company.  Contact them today for more information on the benefits of having a new electrical panel or for any necessary electrical repairs. They have competitive rates, convenient appointments, emergency response when needed, and flexible payment options for projects of all types where they use the highest quality products and  state-of-the-art techniques.

In addition to Jacksonville, they serve Atlantic Beach, St. Augustine, Green Cove Springs,  Fruit Cove, Ponte Vedra, and the surrounding areas.

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