Welcome Baby with the Basics

photo from freepik.com
photo from freepik.com

Getting a nursery ready for your first baby can be an exciting time in your family’s life. Unfortunately, as a new mother you probably don’t know where to begin. Your family and friends will all have advice about what items are necessary for the baby’s care while advertising will make you think you need everything under the sun. Use the following as a guide to the basics.


The furniture will be your first and most important purchases. A crib is a must. Your child will use this from their first night home until they are approximately two years old. A changing table is a nice convenience, but not necessary. Think about using a chest of drawers instead. Padding and safety belts can be added to the top for baby’s changings. Keep safety in mind at all times. Don’t forget to include a comfortable rocker in the room for yourself.


Linens include bedding, window treatments, clothing, and towels. Bedding needs to be kept to a minimum with no pillows or bumper pads that can pose a risk to the baby’s safety. Avoid blinds that have strings or slats that a toddler can become tangled in. Instead choose room darkening drapes that will be extremely helpful during afternoon naps. Many new moms think they have more than enough towels and clothes on hand, but you’ll learn quickly how many of these items a baby can go through each day.


Complete the room by adding the comforting items. Plush animal mats from stores like Purple Pumpkin Gifts are ideal for letting baby’s lay on the floor to play. Bouncy seats can be both comforting and entertaining while exersaucers provide hours of fun. Keep plenty of story books on hand. Even a newborn baby loves to hear their parents read to them. Plus it is a wonderful first step in education.

Now that you have the basics in place you can rest assured that you are ready to welcome your baby into your home. You can add additional things that others recommend or that you discover from experience to be useful as time goes on. For now, relax and enjoy this special time in your life without all the pressure.

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