Budget Friendly Travel

photo from http://smartandsnazzykids.com
photo from http://smartandsnazzykids.com

Most moms want to show their children the world before they grow-up, but traveling can be expensive. This doesn’t mean you have to skip the annual family vacation. There are plenty of ways that you can cut travel related expenses in order to make that next trip fit into your budget without draining your bank account.


Food can get expensive when you are travelling, but not every meal needs to be in a restaurant. When booking your accommodations, look for hotels that offer complimentary breakfast. These may not be fancy, but they offer plenty of options that will help you get your day started. Consider packing your lunch. Make it fun for everyone by having a picnic style meal at state welcome centers, scenic parks along the way, or at a neighborhood playground. Everyone will get filled up, and the little ones can burn off some energy too.


Cheap hotels may look like the best option when it comes to cutting costs, but think before you book. For a few extra dollars you might be able to find hotels offering free snacks and breakfast which will save money on food. Suites with full kitchens help too. Don’t shy away from timeshares either. They often offer free tickets to local attractions during their presentation. If the thought of how to get rid of my timeshare stops you from buying in, remember that business like Go Away Timeshare can help you transfer your timeshare to someone else.


You can’t do any travel without gas in your vehicle. Prices fluctuate which makes this part of the vacation budget hard to plan for, but you can take advantage of some terrific offers. Select gas companies offer rewards cards to their customers that can save you a few cents per gallon. You can also save points up for certain freebies. Look online for survey sites that pay you in gift cards. Many of these offer gas station gift cards.

Now that you know how easy it is to make the family vacation fit into your budget you won’t be so quick to skip it entirely. You can still travel to all of your favorite tourist spots and show your children all that the world has to offer without breaking the bank.

Science Experiment | Stem Study

This year, we are using AOP Lifepac for Science. We are almost done with the first quarter, and my little grader is enjoying the activities in this curriculum. It seems that he is interested in every experiment provided, and I have to admit, that I am also enjoying it as a parent-teacher.

We started a unit on plants and recently, we studied stems. For the little ones to better understand the job of the stem, we did a stem experiment showing how water & minerals travels to the leaves through the stem.

For this experiment, you will need;

a small jar with water
food coloring
a celery stem
magnifying glass.

We started by cutting off a piece of celery stem. Then, I let the kids examine the end of it with a magnifying glass, for them to see the tiny tubes on the stem where the water travels towards the leaves.IMG_5248

Next, you will have to put food coloring into the small jar with water, and put the celery stem. Let it set for a few hours. IMG_5252After four hours, the celery looks like this! IMG_5269

The leaves turned reddish! How did that happen mom? The boys blurt out in amazement. It clearly showed how the water travel to the leaves through the stem.