Shopping For Figurines For Family and Friend

Whether it is a birthday or holiday, there is always a reason to go shopping for your family and friends. Your search for the perfect gift starts right in your heart, and it ends with a beautiful figurine from the Willow Tree collection. These heartfelt figurines are perfect for celebrating special occasions. Here are several Willow Tree figurines to consider for your loved one.figurine-clipart-love-4

Willow Tree We Are Three

Celebrate the gift of family by surprising your loved ones with the We Are Three figurine. It features a couple holding their newborn baby and creating their new family. This is the perfect gift for any couple who is celebrating the birth of their first child.

Willow Tree Generations

Are you looking for a gift for your parent or grandparent? You are sure to warm their heart with the Willow Tree Generations figurine. The figurine features three generations of life to celebrate the eternal love of your family.

Willow Tree Father and Son

Celebrate the men in your life with the Willow Tree Father and Son figurine. The figurine features a father kneeling down next to his son, and they have their arms wrapped around each other. It shows the unbreakable bond between a father and son.

Willow Tree Angel of Friendship

Show your friend how much you appreciate their friendship with the Willow Tree Angel of Friendship figurine. It features an angel resin figurine with a puppy in their arms. The figurine represents the strong bond between two friends.

Willow Tree Angel of Healing

The Willow Tree Angel of Healing figurine is a great way to send positive vibes to a loved one who is not feeling well. It features an angel resin figurine nursing a small bird back to health. The figurine is designed to bring comfort and encouragement to your loved one.

Willow Tree Promise Musical

Surprise your spouse or another couple with the Willow Tree Promise Musical display. The display features a couple with their arms wrapped around each other, and the couple turns as the display plays “Canon in D Major” by Pachelbel. This display represents the promise of love between two soul mates.

Every Willow Tree figurine was created by artist Susan Lordi. They are used to illustrate the love, care and friendship between family and friends. The figurines make beautiful gifts and home decor for your loved ones.

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