Montessori Education

When you wonder, “What is the best preschool near me?” the answer is to choose a Montessori School. That special method of education presents a carefully planned environment for preschool, kindergarten and elementary children and offers a large variety of learning experiences during those formative years and has been doing so to help their students attain strong academic, emotional, and social skills for over 100 years in an industrious, happy, loving and welcoming atmosphere.

The Sammamish Montessori School in the Redmond, Washington, area offers this type of Montessori education for preschool and kindergarten students. It is accredited by the National Council for Private School Accreditation and by the American Montessori Society and it is one of only eight Montessori schools in Washington and one of only 187 in the United States to have earned the accreditation through AMS.

To become an accredited school means a rigorous and very lengthy process involving intensive evaluation of the school to affirm that it meets the standard of excellence that is recognized by the Montessori community and by educators throughout the world. During the process, the school is examined and then documented as to its curriculum, teacher preparation, fiscal and personnel policies, the governance, facilities, health and safety practices, and learner outcomes.

Also, a thorough on-site evaluation is conducted by AMS representatives to determining if the school meets those AMS standards and to see how well it is achieving its goals and mission. The school commits to a strategic plan that includes the recommendations of the review team and must maintain compliance with the accreditation standards and always be continuously improving.

The Sammamish Montessori School students ages three through seven created a sculpture project that won a blue ribbon at the 2017 Washington State Fair! Entered in the School Division of the Creative Kids Art Exhibition, the Chihuly-inspired hanging sculpture was headed by teacher Virginia Ward over a Spring Break. Students painted plastic water bottles with vibrant acrylic paint, cut them into spirals and fringes, wove them all together, and created an amazing piece of art.

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