Hi! I’m Bev, a believer of Jesus Christ, happily married to Z, and blessed with two bubbly boys.

The joys of having a child for the first time, made me dive into the blogosphere just before I gave birth. Hence, the name Momsicle. Created initially to chronicle my journey to motherhood, this little slice on blogosphere has evolved as our family journal as we continue to run the race to life.

An Architect by day, a homeschool mom by night (and on weekends), a calligrapher & a blogger in between. I am gazing at the countless skyscrapers of Dubai, gaped on the modern & futuristic architecture in this cosmopolitan city and later you’ll find me scribbling with my boys. I’m enticed with water color art but I’m no real artist. I am not a writer as well, so please be kind to me and I thank you in advance for the approbation.

I am not a super mom, but as with all other moms, I aim to raise children who will honor & love God, who will grow up responsible, loving and compassionate to others. All these, not by my own strength & knowledge as a Mom, but by the Grace of God.

Join me as I continue to run and appreciate the joys of motherhood.






















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