New Discovery

Oh my! My little one had discovered his genitals. Earlier he was fond of pulling it while I’m changing his nappy, now he pulls it while on the tub and before I put on his clothes and nappy after his bath.

I hope pulling it won’t cause any infection. It bothers me, but I actually love seeing him pulling that…so cute. But I hope it won’t get too often as I am really worried about the infection it might cause.

Here is how he do it.

Baby’s Day Out: Lake Garden

Today the little one had his first day at the park. Hubby and I bought him along to Lake Garden together with few KL Pinoy Photography buffs for a Product Shoot. This was baby Z’s first day out in a park. Along with the excitement I was actually worried about insect bites since his skin had been reacting badly with insect’s bites so, I did not forget to bring along insect repellent to protect him from the bites.

sneaking from his stroller’s window

While I was busy with the shoot, Hubby and the little one took their time exploring the park. During the early stage of the shoot, I can still see them within the shooting area but as we go on and moves on to different site location my eyes can’t reach them both. I wasn’t worried; I know hubby will be taking the little one somewhere to enjoy the place. When were about to change site location for the last time, I saw them both coming.
And as I mention they just went to look for some fun. Hubby handed me my phone to show me something. Oh…It was a video of the little one riding the swing for the first time.


That was so cute! According to hubby it seems that he enjoyed the ride since he was not afraid and he didn’t let go off the rope when he took him out of the swing! I missed that but thanks to hubby for recording that moment for me. My little boy is really outgrowing the baby stage; he is now showing us more of a toddler! That was a fun filled day for baby Z and daddy and of course for mommy and shooters too!

The Little one’s development

He is nine months, two weeks and one day old to be exact. This month is promising for our little one since he has quite a lot of new skills to show off. Early on his ninth month, he was able to stand while holding on to furniture. It goes on as he continues to experiment by not holding on to furniture while he is standing and trying to balance himself. Eventually he can now stand on his own without support for 5 seconds; so far that’s the longest at the moment. He can walk on his crib using the frames as his guide and can walk for a short time with support on both hands.
Along with the standing skills is sitting down skills. While he crawls fast, he eventually learned to sit down on his own. He is now also into several hand skills; the close-open exercise, aligning his finger with somebody’s finger, hi-fiving and a little clapping. And just this evening, we discover that he can already respond when someone waves him goodbye. He waves back too, it’s some sort of following what he can see from other people.

His talking has also improved. He now talks more often than before. He even discovered how to shout and pretend he was choked. He knows very well his plate and spoon, so when he saw mommy with his plate, instantly he knows that it’s his meal time. He loves being with people and is very keen when daddy arrives from work. He also loves playing with daddy more than mommy.

As a mom I am always flattered with his little developments. It might be small things to others but hey, it’s gigantic for me. He is growing fast and well. We are thankful with these little achievements. Thanks God!

Heinz Biscotti Chocolate for Little ones

Here’s another discovery, after we discovered Heinz Teething Rusk few weeks ago, hubby found this Heinz Chocolate Biscuit at Mercato in Hartamas shopping center. At 5.00RM, Heinz Chocolate Biscuit contain 12 finger biscuit ideal for 7 months babies and up.

The biscuit came from a unique Italian recipe and have a little crunch which softens in little mouths. It is a good source of iron, no preservatives and artificial colours and contains 10 key vitamins and minerals. It was especially made to help little ones hand learns to grip. This is also a handy snack and perfect whenever you and your little one are outside your home sweet home.

Look how our little one enjoys these biscotti. Might be soo yummy! Well, it is. I did taste it and it’s good. Looks like it’s not only perfect for little ones, but good for mommies too.

The Push Cart Ride

PhotobucketI’m sure you have seen this scene several times while shopping at the supermarket. Perhaps your child has experienced it already. Our little Z had his first push cart ride last week which was actually his 9th month birthday. I never thought of this, it was hubby who took him from his stroller and put him in the push cart while shopping for our weekly groceries at Mercato. It was good seeing our tiny Z onboard a push cart. Those tiny hands were holding on the cart’s frames assuring himself that he will not fall. Does this mean his out growing baby stage and now his toddler? Wahhh! Time goes really quick and our little one is growing fast. Few more weeks he will be having his first steps. Thanks God.

Baby Z at 9 months

Welcome September and welcome ber months! As we embrace the ber months, our little one marks his 9th month of existence. Today we have celebrated baby Z’s 9th  birth-monthsary with a tiny oreo cheesecake. Few months ago, I saw this oreo cheesecake at San Terri coffee shop in Hartamas Shopping Center. Find it cute and thought its perfect for our little one’s birth-monthsary. And so, as he turns nine months today, we took that oreo cheesecake home with baby Z. So cute that even him can’t stop looking at it perhaps in curiosity ïs that my toy or my food?”

He is growing fast he is currently 9 kilos and in a few months, we will be celebrating his first birthday. He learned new skills; drink with spouts from his bottles, clap his hands while listening to music, recognize his food, knows when mom or dad leaves him, he cannot walk yet but he can stand on his own while holding furniture.

He is outgrowing most of his clothes and that means mommy needs to shop more clothes that will last till his toddler days. Happy nine months baby Z and thank you tita weng for the extra cake!





Teething Rusks for Teething Babies

Teething Rusks

If you have been following my blog then you know that my little one is on his way to biting. He’s got to 2 teeth in his central incisor. And I’ve been up searching for the best teething relief.

Yesterday while at the supermarket I found these Teething rusks by Heinz. According to its packaging, it is especially developed to relieve tender gums and promote natural development of baby’s teeth. I bought 1 small pack since I thought this might be good for baby Z as this might encourage him to chew which is important for gum and jaw development. Just this morning, I tried giving half rusk to our little one. And I was not really surprise to see how he enjoyed it since he enjoys almost all the food that I give him. I discover that it’s not good giving him half rusks since it might cause choking. I was so pathetic having not read the warning in the box. “Never give broken rusk to your baby”.

Look at how he enjoys his new food. It might be yummy I presume. You should be thanking mom and dad for that wonderful treat.

Heinz teething rusks is best for snack time and soothing tender gums. Its texture will encourage the baby to bite and chew. One small pack is 100 grams containing 12 rusks and cost 11.50RM.

Look at how he enjoys his new food. It might be yummy I presume. You should be thanking mom and dad for that wonderful treat.

Way to Biting

teething moment

On his eight month his first teeth finally showed up. Two teeth on his lower central incisor popped up together. This makes him drool morethan the usual and started to bite his bottle’s teats, pacifiers and even his and mommy’s fingers. Good thing that he don’t get fussy and he don’t refuse to eat and drink his milk. Perhaps he is not in pain and its just a good thing.

see that new pearly white teeth?

Teething normally starts at six months. This makes our little one a late bloomer since he had his first two teeth on his eight month. Once baby is teething it is expected that they will feel discomfort as his gums is in extremely tender condition.

Here are helpful tips to relief discomfort on teething babies.

  1. Rub his gums with your finger. This provide a counterpressure which sooth him and will give him a relief. Don’t forget to wash your finger.
  2. Give him something to chew. Just like rubbing his gums with your finger, chewing gives him counterpressure giving him a relief from aching pressure caused by a popping tooth. Chewing is even more effective when the object is cold as it numbs the gum.
  3. Give him cold food and drinks as it relief the aching gums. Chilled food such as yogurt and fruits as well as a bottle of icy water is applauding.
  4. Teething babies tend to put everything in his mouth. So its good to give him teeter as this will not only relief his aching gum it will also refrain him from picking objects and putting them in his mouth.
  5. If the above mentioned does not work on your baby’s teething discomfort, try to consult your paediatrician for safe and effective pain reliever.

Ready to face the needle again


Last Saturday, just before we leave for his monthly vaccine, I took this snap of baby Z. Fresh from his early morning bath and ready to go and face the needle again and then later for a stroll. At this stage, he can already sense if we are going to take him out of the house. He gets excited everytime we buckle him up in his stroller. He would give us a wide smile and will paddle his feet in excitement.

We took him for his second dose of Pneumococcal Vaccine. Ever wonder what is Pneumococcal Vaccine? It’s a type of vaccine that protects against pneumococcal (pronounced new-m’COCKL) infections or pneumonia, which mostly strike children under the age of 5 and if worst thing comes, it can lead to a worst childhood disease.

Pneumococcal is caused by a bacteria called Streptococcus pneumoniae. This virus can cause an infection in the respiratory tract, middle ear, or sinus cavities since they live in the mucous lining of the nose and throat.  Spread of bacteria through close contact, coughing and sneezing can yield a Disease such as meningitis and pneumonia.

Four doses are recommended which can start as early as 2 months. Next will follow at 4 months, 6 months and the last is between 12 and 15 months. When vaccinated, a child may experience discomfort and swelling in the injected area and most likely will develop a mild fever.

As for our little one, he did not develop a fever nor swelling at the injected area.

When do babies get their first teeth?

Did you know that 1 out of 2000 babies is born with teeth? Yes that happened to my husband nephew who was born last December. But the doctor extracted it since there is a big chance that it might break and the baby might swallow it. The average age for baby to have their first tooth is from 4 to 7 months. However, there are also babies who won’t get their first milk tooth until 18 months.

Our little one is already 8 months but he doesn’t have teeth yet. However, I can already see 2 white cup along his cut teeth which means before he turns 9 months he will have his first teeth. He is a late bloomer since he already passed the average age of having their first teeth. He has been drooling and wants to put in his mouth whatever he gets in his hands.

Here is a traditional timetable on baby’s teething. According to researchers, 70% of babies get their teeth according to this time table.

6 months: lower central incisors – cutting teeth
7 months: upper central incisors
7.5 months: lower lateral incisors
9 months: upper lateral incisors
12 months: lower first molars (bicuspids) – grinding and chewing teeth
14 months: upper first molars
16 months: lower canines (cuspids)
18 months: upper canines
20 months: lower second molars
24 months: upper second molars

And for you to be able to know if your baby is teething, your baby will experience at least one the following symptoms when teething.

  • drooling
  • trouble falling asleep
  • red cheeks
  • fussiness
  • runny nose
  • biting
  • rash around the chin or mouth
  • swollen gums
  • an increased need to suck
  • rejection of breast or bottle
  • congestion

Watch out for the signs mommies. Your baby might be teething already just like my little one.