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Organic Farm in the Desert | Greenheart Organic Farm

Have you ever thought how organic crops are grown in a sandy landscape, under high temperature for almost the whole year? It remained a mystery to me, until I got a chance to visit an organic farm in the middle of the desert. Thanks to Homeschool Global for organizing the field trip to Greenheart Organic Farm. Along with the students, …

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It’s A Homeschool Portfolio

Nearly 3 weeks left and my children will have their portfolio review for the 3rd quarter. Our homeschooled kids are required to submit and present their portfolio quarterly. Are you wondering what portfolio I’m talking about? Well, in homeschooling, a portfolio is basically a collection of the student’s work or projects,  showcasing what they have learned through out the school …

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Tape Resist | An Easy Art Activity for Kids

I introduced the boys to canvas and acrylic painting lately. I tried searching for inspiration in pinterest and found this easy and fun tape resist activity for kids, perfect for beginners. It’s so simple but with lovely outcome. For this activity, you will be needing, canvas, acrylic paint, paint brush and painter’s tape. To begin with the activity, use the …

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Beyond Gifts

Ask my boys what is Christmas to them, and you will get an exaggerated answer, g-i-f-t-s! They get euphoric with the overflowing love they receive from family and friends this festive season, which I’m also happy about. It’s agreeably good to see our kids delighted in this merry season. Who wouldn’t, when you see your children ecstatic to go home …

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