Mind Blowing Hermes Birkin Handbags

The best place to find vintage Hermes Birkin handbags are auctions. Usually Moda Operandi and Heritage Auctions team up to introduce a wide range of artfully designed Hermes Birkins. Designer handbag lovers await their auctions like foot ball fans wait for world cup series. Exceptional and exquisite designs which you can’t even see in the original stores are found easily here. Only their price range seems to be high. The highest price is $74,500 while the lowest is a few hundred dollars less than that. Several people live in houses much less expensive than these branded bags. So, what can they do to purchase this ultimate piece of luxuries? cheap designer handbagsare the best choices.
Hermes Birkin handbags sold in the replica design handbags stores are designed exquisitely to reflect the original style. They are processed using high end technology to imitate the exact shine and feel of the high quality leather used in the branded bags. Replica design handbags are produced and sold all over the world. Their market is much bigger than the actual branded handbags market. Details about luxury brands, which were reserved only for the rich, reached the common man through magazines in the past century. It kindled their mindset to buy them. Internet created online stores which actually took the exact products to the common mans house. Exclusive luxury items like Hermes Birkin handbags reached their living room through the web.
Replica design handbags took these items to reach the wardrobe of the mainstream women. Excessive growth of consumerism, globalization, free trade policies, there are so many reasons for the replica handbags being cheap. But the most important reason is their aesthetic beauty and wonderful comfort. They are stylish as well as utilitarian. Hence, ladies all over the world vote unanimously to buy them, though they have a tuff competition from the local brands.

Used Cars: Spot a Great Deal on Second Hand Cars

While most people would go for brand new cars, I would consider buying a second hand unit that can be as good as brand new ones. This I think is a practical way of acquiring a car on a tight budget. If you have been planning to purchase a used car and don’t know much about cars it would be good to have little knowledge on automobiles or tag along a car enthusiast friend when checking the unit.

Below are few tips you should consider buying used cars.

Budget. The reason that you are buying used car is you’re on a budget. Setting your budget will lessen the pressure on your pocket and prevents you from stretching your budget by sticking on what you can afford.

Know the right car. Pretty sure there would be a lot of choices around. Trim down your choices according to your liking and budget. Then find out which model best suits your needs. Visiting a car show room will give you detailed information on a target car.

Know where to look. Visiting a car exchange showroom will give you variety of cars to choose from; from an old Chevrolet with a corvette air conditioning, to a slightly used honda civic, and SUV’s and many more.

Check the body. Have a thorough check. Few things you should look to are rust, oil leaks, tires should be in good conditions, seatbelts and front seat should work properly, dashboard and steering wheel should be bolted correctly, and all functions should work properly.

Engine check. Engine sound should be less squeaky that means the car is in good condition. That will also help identify the car’s mileage.

Test Drive. Checking is not enough; testing the car will definitely divulge the car’s condition.

Legit transaction. There are unscrupulous seller out there. So make sure you are dealing with a legit transaction. Ensure all paper works are properly done. Always ask for receipt in every transaction and make sure the seller’s full name is on it.

It only takes a little wit to spot a good deal on second hand vehicles.




Shaving with the Right Razor

Ever wonder how Super Mario look like without his bushy mustache? The scourge of evil turtles with red cap and blue overalls would probably look like a popular good looking teenage boy without his big bushy mustache. I’m sure he would be more than alluring to the super Princess Peach Toadstool just like how enticing my husband is after having his mustache and beard sheared. No wonder he made it a habit to shave as often as possible that’s why apart from a shaving cream he also keeps oil shaving for men in the bathroom.

While he had his shaving routine, I must admit that I am also dreaming of hair free, silky legs. It’s intimidating to wear those short shorts which are a fashion trend these days and so I think it’s about time to take a leap into the short pants era.

And to start with, choosing the right razor will surely pave my way to smooth, silky and hair free legs. Below are a few tips on how to pick the right razor which I got from my master shaver, my husband.

Disposable or not? For a beginner like me perhaps you would opt for disposable razor without worrying about changing the head. I prefer a disposable razor from a certain brand. However if you don’t like cuts and nicks go for electric or rechargeable razor. This will give you less nicks even on a close shave plus it can also be used even without shaving cream.

Safety. I was a bit afraid of using blades on my skin, I was afraid of cutting my skin which made me very careful when shaving. There are varieties of disposal razor with safety blades and guard wires to protect your skin from cuts and nicks.

Colors and size. On a lighter side, some consider razor’s colors and sizes. There are razors exclusively for women, likewise there ones for men. Razor’s color somehow separates male and female users. For me I prefer pink and purple.

The upshot. Everyone wants a good result, so whatever razor you use at the end choose the one that gives you good results. We have different hair and skin types so the one that works for you might not work for the others.

With my new razor, I will be shaving those hairs away and hoping that I could fearlessly wear short pants once I achieved that silky hair free legs.

This is a sponsored post for The Art of Shaving, however, all the points and views are my own.


7.7 Magnitude Earthquake Shook Eastern Samar

The Eastern Samar was shook by a 7.7 magnitude earthquake yesterday, August 31.  Phivolcs recorded the epicenter at Guiuan Eastern Samar which is 161 km east southeast of Borongan city. Following the earthquake, tsunami warning was raise to alert level number 3 causing people to evacuate to higher grounds.

My grandma and some of my father’s siblings are from Eastern Samar and we can’t help but worry about their safety. As we watch the news last night, we hoped and prayed that there will be no tsunami. I can’t imagine such disaster happening in our hometown.

When I woke up this morning, immediately called my aunt for an update and Thank God everyone is safe! The tsunami warning has been removed. Thank you Lord for hearing our prayers!

The Island of Samar is facing the Pacific Ocean and that makes the place prone to tsunami after such huge quake.

My Health

Photobucketphoto from cbc.ca

I always put the health of my kids first, and do whatever I can to make sure that they lead a healthy lifestyle. However, while paying a lot of attention to their wellbeing, I often forgot about looking after myself. Until recently, I ate nothing but junk food; did no exercise and smoked regularly, and after a meeting with a doctor, I realised that my lifestyle was responsible for me being out of shape. While I’ve pledged to eat healthily and start working out, I know quitting smoking is going to be tough. However, there are several ways in which I, and you, can kick the habit:

  • Use things like electronic cigarettes, nicotine patches and nicotine gums. If you want to quit, but still crave the nicotine which helped to make it so addictive, you could use any of those aids to help wean you off cigarettes for good.
  • Think about the impact that smoking could have on your health. Smoking is known to cause breathing problems, stained teeth, coughing fits and, in extreme cases, diseases such as lung cancer. If that doesn’t persuade you to give up, what else will?
  • Try and find something else to do instead of smoking. Smoking is often seen by many who do it as a hobby. However, if you find something else to help keep you from being bored, that could help take your mind off those cravings.
  • Try to be a good role model to your kids. By leading a healthy lifestyle, you’re setting a good example to your kids that they will surely follow. It’s also worth thinking about the damage that smoking could do to your kids, as if they inhale second-hand smoke, they could pick up similar illnesses and diseases to the ones you may have.

Protecting my Family

Photo from dreamstime.com

Every hour of every day, I do what I can to provide for my kids. Whether they need food, clothes, help with getting to and from school, toys or days out, I make sure that they have it. While this isn’t too much of a problem for me, I dread to think about how I’ll be able to look after the family if I was forced to leave work due to something beyond my control. I could fall ill, get injured in an accident or need an emergency operation which will take a long time to make a full recovery from.

If something like that should happen, I often think about the financial consequences. As well as the possibility of not being able to work, there could be medical bills I might have to pay up sooner rather than later. However, there is something that millions, if not billions of people do to avoid this nightmare scenario. Getting some form of insurance with Lifeinsurance.org.uk could be the answer to my family’s prayers.

By taking out a life insurance policy, I know that I’m prepared for the worst and that if it happens, my family’s finances will be taken care of. They won’t have to worry about paying the bills or anything else even if I pass away, which also helps to put mind at rest, because I often worry about what will happen if such a thing would happen. I’ll do anything to help my family, and taking out life insurance is one of those things.

The Little One Hits the Potty

PhotobucketHoooray! The little one is potty trained! He has been diaper free all day! He will hold his manhood whenever he want to pee while he will run and sit down on the potty when he want to poop.

I started potty training the tot when he turned 17 months old and at 19 months he was already potty trained. For me, patience and consistency are the key a successful potty training attempt.

Below are few potty training tips base on our experience.

  • First and foremost, make sure you have the right equipment. A potty chair will make your training easier. There are various potty training chairs that are available these days. I have bought our 4n1 Gerbo potty training chair at the baby company at SM Department store for only PhP 330.00
  • Your baby might not be ready for this but make sure you are ready and determine to do this as consistency is very important in this training.
  • I started to let him pee on the when he wakes up every morning and after nap time. To make it easy, we demonstrated it so he could understand what we want him to do. At first he refuses to do it but we continue to encourage him to sit down and pee on the potty and eventually he get use to it and become a routine.
  • Come up with a potty song to entertain him while sitting down the potty.  I started with “sit down, sit down your rocking the boat” and later changed it to “sit down, sit down potty’s waiting”. LoL! I am not a good composer not even for children’s song.
  • Encourage him. Once training is underway, encourage him and escort him to the potty whenever he feels the urge to pee.
  • Give him praise. Do praise him after a successful pee or poo on the potty. We often clap and told him “good job” and he loves it whenever we praise him after using the potty. There are even times that he will inform others that he peed in order to get praises.
  • Give him a reward. Whenever he poo on the potty, we were overwhelmed. It was a very good job! and we gave him his favorite snack as a reward.
  • Lastly, make those tips a habit and sure your little one is on the way to be potty trained.
I’m soo glad that he is now able to hit the potty alone. It’s wonderful seeing him taking a short break from playing running to the potty for a pee or a good doo – doo – poo. 



Flower Girls: Understanding Her Role and Avoiding the Jitters

Whenever I attend weddings, aside from the bride’s awaiting entrance down the aisle, I am also looking forward to see the little members of the entourage. It’s exhilarating to see those adorable little girls in their lovely flowergirl dresses from weddington way toting a basket of petals being scattered on the bride’s path. I’m sure their moms are more than excited than I do.

Traditionally, flower girls are part of a wedding entourage. Although you may opt not to have flower girls, most church weddings that I have attended have flower girls. Ideally, flower girls are aged between 3 to 10 years old. They usually walk before the bride or the bride’s maid and it is believed that they symbolize the childhood of the bride.

For sure moms would love to see their little girls walking in the aisle with confidence. And when jitters attacks they will end up walking with their moms and if worst comes to worst they miss the entourage.

To avoid such scenario, here are a few tips that might help her understand and execute her role.

  • Carefully and properly explain her role. Perhaps a picture book similar to “The Little Flower Girl” by Linda Trace Brandon will help a lot.
  • Make sure they attend rehearsals to give her a glimpse of what would be happening during the wedding day. That way, she will be properly oriented and that will help her develop confidence.
  • Treat them accordingly so you’ll not scare them away. It will help them to be relaxed while walking down the aisle.

Having the nerve to do their role properly will surely make the experience memorable for both the little girls and their moms.


Citizenship of a Child Born in Malaysia to Foreign Parents

In the advent of computers and the World Wide Web, it is no doubt that the internet has become a great source of information. It has become a powerful tool for researchers and even to ordinary people like me seeking information on something.

I have written a blog post on how to register a foreign child born in Malaysia a year ago. And I am glad that the post somehow helps people (especially fellow Filipino) seeking information on the latter matter. As the author, I try to answer their questions as long as I am knowledgeable about the question. A fellow Filipina asked about the (would be) benefits of a child born in Malaysia. And that motivates me to right this post and I hope (just like the other post)this would become interesting and informative.

When my friends learned that I gave birth to our first child in Malaysia, instantly they thought my baby is a Malaysian Citizen. Unlike in United States, a foreign child born in Malaysia does not automatically obtain Malaysian citizenship. Malaysian citizenship is obtained by blood, hence to obtain Malaysian citizenship one of the parent should be a Malaysian Citizen.

In other circumstances, a child born in Malaysia to foreign parents is not A Malaysian Citizen. Children born in wedlock to two Malaysian citizens are Malaysian citizens regardless of the country of their birth. Children born in wedlock, in Malaysia, of a Malaysian mother and foreign father are also Malaysian citizens; the same thing goes with children born out of wedlock, in Malaysia, of a Malaysian mother.  However, children born in wedlock abroad to a Malaysian mother and a foreign father are considered to have received the father’s citizenship. Children born out of wedlock, abroad, to a Malaysian mother are not considered citizens, but may enter Malaysia with permanent resident status, with the mother, and may apply for citizenship.

For more information you may visit National Registration Department of Malaysia.

Source: UNHCR


How to Maintain A Good Relationship with Your Maid

Do you know that nerve racking feeling when you welcome a stranger to your household and entrust her you’re supposed housekeeping task? That was I felt when I our “yayabel” came.

Recently our long time house help left and so we have to hire new one. With two babies in tow, I can’t face the household chores by myself so I really need a house help. We had a fairly good relationship with our old house help, and I am again trying to build the same with the new one.

House maids deserve respect and should be treated well. Remember their role is to help you with the household chores, they are not slaves.

Below are tips on how to build and maintain a harmonious relationship with your housemaid.

Take time to talk. Keep the communication line open between you and your maid. It’s not just about discussing their shortcomings. Casual conversation and interaction in will make her feel comfortable and will make her feel more welcome in your household. She would definitely appreciate your effort of reaching out.

Consider Incentives. Increasing their wage is definitely a good thing while giving them rewards or incentive for a job well done or on occasions like Birthday and Christmas. This will also encourage them to continue their excellence in their job.

A helping hand. Although they might be hesitant to ask for their employer’s help during hard times, offer your help and encourage her in a sincere way.

Treat them well. Needless to say, maids should be treated well. Treat them greatly and they will show themselves great. That way, you are giving her reasons to stay and improve her service.

A good relationship with your maid does matter. Remember, we are entrusting them our valuables.