Getting Your Work Displayed at an Art Gallery

The dream of every artist is to have their work displayed for everyone to see. Being able to share your art and your passion can make any artist feel fulfilled and satisfied. While you could always just hang your paintings on the outside of your house, the better way to display your art is at an art gallery in Chattanooga. Having your art displayed in such a classy and respectful way will really help you feel like the artist that you have always wanted to be. If you find, though, that you have having trouble getting your art into an art gallery, there are a few tips that you can follow to better your chances.

Get the Word Out

Spread the word. Talk to as many people as you can and network as much as possible. There are online event calendars, art galleries, and websites that relate to your work that you can visit or post onto to spread the word that you are interested in being part of an art gallery. You can also use the social networking pages, newspapers and blogs, and even go to places where other artists tent to gather. Carry your art around in case you get the chance to show it to someone who has power in the art gallery world. Get to know as many people as you can who are involved in the art community, especially those who deal with your type of art.


A sure way to get involved with those in the art world is to become an intern. You will be exposed to the daily workings of a true artist and really get a feel for what you will need to do. You can intern with a single artist, or you can intern or volunteer at local non-profit organizations, art galleries, or museums. Getting your foot in the door with the managers of these organizations will really give you a heads-up in the art world. Getting your work into an art gallery in Chattanooga will become a reality as you get more involved with other artists in the art community.

Stylish Maternity Wear From Momo Baby

Your pregnancy should be a time of happiness. You want to be comfortable throughout your pregnancy, but that doesn’t mean you have to be frumpy or unfashionable.

Momo Baby offers maternity wear that is stylish, comfortable, and flattering both during and after your pregnancy.

Momo Baby has a great variety of spring maternity dresses. One of their best sellers is the infinity wrap dress which can be worn in several ways. It comes in a classic black or gray to which you can add accessories for that pop of color. It also comes in bright purple, perfect for spring and summer. With prices from below $25 dollars up to over $175 dollars, there is something to fit every budget. They come in a variety of sizes and colors. Styles vary from casual comfort to wedding appropriate. There are short and long options and different fabric choices. The styles are timeless which means they can be used for future pregnancies as well. The garments are designed with a growing belly in mind. They can be worn into the fourth trimester and some of them even after baby is born. Because of the quality of the materials, the items will stand up to washings, making them worth the money you spent on them.

They are also versatile and can be dressed up or down with sweaters and blazers, your favorite heels or some comfortable flats. Momo Baby has quality, comfortable, maternity wear in a large variety of styles and fabrics, sure to please any mother-to-be.

Breastfeeding: A form of Birth Control

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Exclusive breastfeeding can be a form of birth control. Is it a fact or myth? Well, I have been hearing that it could be a good form of birth control. However others claimed that it is a myth especially those who got pregnant while breastfeeding. So is this really a fact or myth?

Exclusive breastfeeding could actually be a form of birth control. It is called Lactational Amenorrhea Method or LAM.  It has shown to be an excellent form of birth control. Infact it is 98-99% effective for as long as you met the following conditions:

  1. Your monthly period has not yet returned.
  2. Your baby is less than six months old.
  3. Exclusively breastfeeding on a regular schedule both day and night.
  4. Your baby gets nothing but breast milk alone.

How do LAM works?

There are two hormones that our pituitary gland produces in order to ovulate and menstruate. The follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and gonadotropin releasing hormone (GnRH) which causes the eggs to mature then be released during ovulation.

When a mother breastfeed, the production of these hormones is interfered by a hormone called prolacttin which is produced while breastfeeding. This interrupts ovulation and stops menstruation, therefore preventing pregnancy.

Lactational Amenorrhea Method is an excellent form of birth control when practice correctly. It’s a natural and inexpensive form of birth control and has numerous health benefits for both mom and baby. If you are using LAM or plans to use LAM as your birth control method, the tips below will help you use the method effectively for as long as your baby is with in the first six months of life.

  • Practice frequents breastfeeding about six to ten times a day and no less than four times at night.
  • Avoid long intervals between feeds. If your baby sleeps through the night wake him up for feeds. Prolactin is at its highest between 1am to 6am therefore nursing your baby at this time is important.
  • Avoid using bottles and pacifiers. Baby should suck directly on the mother’s breast.
  • Avoid solid food and other liquids such as juice and water. (Our pediatrician advised me that as long as the baby is breastfeeding it’s okay not to give water).

As to whether its fact or myth? I would say it’s a fact. I am exclusively breastfeeding my youngest for four months now and my menstruation hasn’t come back yet. I think for as long as it is properly used, it can be an effective birth control method. However, if you plan to use contraceptive for a longer period it would be best to talk to your health care provider.




Why You Should Drink Coconut Juice while Pregnant

I am nearly approaching my eight month of pregnancy and unfortunately I just had a urinary track infection recently. So aside from the meds that was prescribed by my OB, hubby insisted that I should drink coconut juice everyday. And so, because the commander said so, I just did his command. For almost two weeks now, I have been drinking at least 1 litre of coconut juice everyday. Along with this new habit, out of curiosity I made a research about the health benefits of coconuts juice and I discovered that there are various health benefits from drinking coconut juice. Living in a tropical country where coconuts are greatly available, I can take advantage of the health benefits that the coconut juice offers.

Coconut juice has essential nutrients that are beneficial to our health. It is a good source of electrolytes and also rich in potassium, chlorides, sodium, protein and magnesium therefore drinking coconut juice at least one glass a day is recommended especially for people suffering from any illness. Coconut juice is also very healthy and best recommended for pregnant women. If you are expectant mom like me, start drinking coconut juice now, don’t wait until you suffer from urinary tract infection just like what happened to me. Here are some benefits, why it is good and healthy to drink coconut juice while pregnant:

  • Coconut juice increases the flow and frequency of urine. (I actually noticed these during my two weeks of drinking coconut juice). It easily flushes toxins out of our body, hence preventing urinary tract infection.
  • It prevents dehydration and exhaustion.
  • Coconut juice helps to prevent heartburn.
  • Another common dilemma of pregnant women is constipation. Coconut juice is a natural hydrant to our body and allows easy digestion thus alleviating pregnant women from constipation.
  • It also a good source of strengthening the immune system which is beneficial to both mother and the developing baby.
  • It is cholesterol and fat free drink therefore it is very good for both mother and the baby.

So if you’re an expectant mom, you may consider drinking coconut juice your new hobby for you and your baby’s benefit.

Healthy Things to Do While Pregnant

While pregnant, there is one place you will visit often and that is your OB/GYN’s office. Your doctor needs to continue to monitor and check on the status of you and your baby as well as put you through different tests to ensure the both of you are clear of risks now and in the future.

The visit to the OB/GYN’s office is often welcome by soon-to-be parents because it is a chance to see how much your child has grown since the last visit. Your doctor will likely do a sonogram where you can see fetal movement. These visits are also a chance for you to learn more about what to expect as you progress through your pregnancy and if there are any habits you need to change to ensure the well-being of you and your child.

If your doctor has not already informed you of healthy things to do while pregnant or discussed with you the importance of nutrition while pregnant, here’s a chance for you to learn more, Essentially, you need to remain healthy for you and your child.

  • Calories – You’re now feeding for two. This often means you have to take in an additional 300 calories. It all depends on the situation. If you are underweight or carrying more than one child, your doctor may recommend more than the extra 300 calories. If you are overweight, your doctor may suggest taking fewer calories.
  • Nutrition – More calories does not mean more junk food. It is more important than ever to ensure you get the proper nutrition from the food you eat. You want well-balanced meals that include lean meats, fruits, vegetables, whole grains and diary.
  • Vitamins – Even if you eat healthy and have well-balanced meals, your doctor may also prescribe prenatal vitamins. While pregnant, it is especially important to take in enough calcium, iron, and folic acid to ensure good health and continued growth with your baby.
  • Water – Drink lots of it every day to ensure you don’t get dehydrated and constipated.
  • Exercise – Low-impact moderate exercise is beneficial while pregnant. Go swimming, walking and do yoga. It can all help with back pain and swelling as well as increase your energy level.
  • Rest – It’s common for pregnant women to feel tired. Your body is working hard to support another being. There are also the common trips to the bathroom the middle of the night to urinate and trouble sleeping because you can’t lie down on the bed the way you used to. Get enough sleep and take naps to make up for sleepless nights.

Ways to Avoid Urinary Track Infection

I just visited my OB this morning for my prenatal check up and detailed anomaly scan. It’s so nice to see my baby inside my womb. I got to see his face, heart, spine, kidney, hands and feet as well as his balls. It was good to know that everything was normal in him. Husband and I was actually a bit worried about his development since I got (a suspected) mild German measles at 12 weeks of my pregnancy. We are really thankful that there was nothing abnormal seen in the scan. He is now 27 weeks and 5 days old.

On the other hand, my urinalysis result showed that my urinary track is infected. I was not expecting this since I dot feel any symptoms of having a urinary track infection. Anyways, I am under medication and in few days I’ll get better. (I don’t really feel sick at all).

So what should we do to avoid urinary track infection? Aside from drinking plenty of water, proper hygiene plays a big role in preventing urinary track infection. It is important that you keep your genital area clean. Use mild soap and water when cleaning. Try avoiding harsh feminine hygiene products that might irritate your genital. Also wipe yourself from front to back after bowel movement to avoid bacteria from stool from getting in your genital. Aside from that, never hold the urge to pee and if possible drink coconut and cranberry juices.

Preventing UTI (pregnant or not) is important to avoid developing bladder and kidney infections that might be a threat to your health. It’s really a pain in the ass being sick nowadays. So don’t ignore symptoms of health disorder. Pay attention to it in the end you’ll be thankful you listened. Health is wealth and so let us all give importance to our health.

Avoiding Constipation while Pregnant

Gosh, here it is again. I remember when I was eight months pregnant with my eldest; I had this dilemma in moving my bowel as I was constipated. I am six months pregnant and last night was a worst experience that I even asked my sister to buy me a suppository meds but the pharmacy needs prescription from a doctor. I just drunk lots of water and went to sleep. When I woke up this morning, glad it wasn’t as severe as last night so I was able to make it. Finally! Success! LoL.

Though constipation is normal during pregnancy, there are ways in which you can avoid it. It is very uncomfortable to get constipated pregnant or not. To avoid it, make sure that you do the following.

Drink Plenty of Water – pregnant or not, it is ideal to drink six to eight glasses of water everyday. Fresh fruit juices can also be helpful if you take them everyday especially prune juice and pineapple juice.

High Fiber Diet – eat high fiber foods such as cereal, breads, brown rice, beans, and fresh fruits and vegetables every day.

Exercise Everyday – a regular exercise will ease constipation. Swimming and walking is the best and safe exercise you can do while pregnant. Yoga can also be helpful and will make your body feel healthy.

Avoid Meds with high dosage of Iron
– prenatal vitamins are a must during pregnancy. If you are constipated, you better inform your doctor. There are prenatal vitamins with high dosage of Iron, if you are taking them, your doctor may advice you to stop taking it or will give you a replacement instead.

Contact your Doctor – if you have severe constipation, and the above tips is not working for you, contact your doctor right away. He will probably give you an over the counter fiber supplement or stool softner.

There you go. For the past six months, I seldom exercise; most of my time is spent sitting down in front of the computer doing online stuff. I also don’t drink plenty of water, so perhaps this is the reason why I am having this. So from now on, gotta have time to go to the gym and the swimming pool to stretch my lazy bones and muscle.

Get enough Calcium while Pregnant

When I was pregnant with my eldest, I regularly drink milk to help me gain enough calcium. Now that I am pregnant for the second time, I hardly drink milk. I suddenly don’t like the taste of the maternity milk I used to drink during my first pregnancy. Hubby makes the effort of reminding me to drink my milk, but without his reminder, I don’t bother drinking.

So, how important calcium is while pregnant? While inside our womb, our baby needs calcium in building a strong bones and teeth. It is also helpful in developing a healthy muscle, heart and nerves. Most doctors prescribes calcium supplement to pregnant women. And aside from the supplement you can naturally get calcium from milk and dairy products such as yogurt, cheese, tofu and milk.
A pregnant woman needs 1,000 mg of calcium a day. But our body can only absorb 500 mg of calcium at a time. So if you are taking calcium supplement, it is advisable to take small doses several times a day. While taking calcium supplement, it is also important to watch out your vitamin D intake. Vitamin D is necessary in the absorption of Calcium.

Take note that, calcium deficiency while pregnant may impair your health, as your baby will draw calcium from your bones. So it is important that you keep track of your calcium intake but don’t take too much of it, as overdoing calcium intake may increase your risk of kidney stones and may cause constipation. Along with the supplement, don’t forget that it is very important to have enough fluid intakes pregnant or not.

I am currently taking calcium supplement. And lately, I am trying to drink milk regularly as I started having lower back pain as early as fifth month of my pregnancy. I hope I get enough calcium for my baby, and also I don’t want to impair my health during and after my pregnancy.

Swimming while Pregnant

The weather was good today, the sun up there but was not too flagrance so we decided to go down and take a swim for the little one to enjoy. Nobody was swimming and so we took advantage of it. I never thought that I myself will also enjoy swimming again. This is actually one activity that I didn’t get to do for five months now since I get pregnant for the second time. Unlike with my first pregnancy, swimming was my exercise where I get to swim at least once a week.

Swimming is safe while pregnant and it so far the best physical exercise for pregnant women where we can get good cardio vascular work out whether we are pregnant or not. It is a good way to stay fit while we carry our baby inside our womb.

Take a look how the little one enjoys the water.


Liposuction For Soon To Be Mommies

Many women find that pregnancy grants them aesthetic related depression after a time. The existence of a larger belly or swelling can cause them to feel less attractive. Exercise and a healthy diet can help with this, but these ladies still find that they gain far more weight than they would like. This is especially true when this fat-weight is deposited in the abdominal area. Abdominal liposuction, whether traditional or ultrasonic liposuction is used, may become a topic of interest for some women. However, it is important not to give in to this urge during pregnancy.

Liposuction is a medical procedure that is designed to remove small portions of fat from the body in order to sculpt it into a more pleasing shape. This procedure can be performed in several ways. However, each of the current methods uses some form of anesthesia. During pregnancy any type of general anesthesia can be potentially fatal for the mother and damaging to the growing fetus.

The danger to the fetus when general anesthesia is used will usually be based around reduced blood flow. This decreases the amount of oxygen and vital nutrients the growing child has to work with and in some extreme instances can lead to serious birth defects or death. At the very least this may cause temporary growth issues for the growing fetus. The dangers for the mother vary. However, there is an increased chance of death during a procedure that uses general anesthesia for a woman who is pregnant. This increase in mortality is generally due to reduced capacity to maintain a sufficient airway for oxygen intake and exhalation.

Abdominal liposuction during pregnancy is a bad idea in general due to the fact that both the mother and the growing child need this extra fat as an energy source. This is especially true in the latter months of pregnancy when the mother will have difficulty maintaining a high enough caloric intake for both her and the child. After pregnancy these fatty deposits are also used to help maintain the necessary energy for proper lactation. In short, a pregnant lady needs those fatty deposits to ensure the health, growth, and nourishment of her baby.

After pregnancy, the situation changes quite a bit. Once she has given birth the mother should wait two to three months before considering liposuction. The reasons for this include allowing the body to return to normal metabolic rates, taking care of the new child, and making certain there are no post pregnancy complications for the mother.

If everything seems to be in order, the mother can undergo Traditional or ultrasonic liposuction after this time with little additional risk. This period of time allows the new mother to adjust to taking care of her child, as well as to heal from the birth itself.

Liposuction is a wonderful tool for body sculpting and aesthetic improvements of the body in general. However, the health of the individual should be the foremost priority after pregnancy. Whether its a liposuction in New York, London or Canada, the risk that you’ll get into is just the same. It can take up to six months before the true results of liposuction to be revealed due to swelling, and dietary habits. Even if a lady did safely undergo liposuction during her pregnancy, the chances of it being highly effective are slim.