4 Strategies for Choosing an Online School

The number of students enrolling in online classes is on the rise. One study revealed that the percentage of students learning online has risen since 2014, with some students taking one hundred percent of their coursework over the internet. With the choice of online schools increasing, comparing available degrees, tuition, and class schedules can be daunting. However, if you are ready to choose an online school, there are a few strategies you can use to find the one that best suits your educational and financial needs.

1.     Consider Your Priorities

Before you start looking at online schools, it may help if you sit down and make a list of your educational priorities first. Knowing exactly what you hope to accomplish with your education and how you plan to reach those goals can help you narrow down your many choices.

For example, if you want to earn a degree in as little time as possible, consider schools that offer fast- track courses or that allow you to count work experience as class credit. If the cost of tuition is a major issue, consider an online not-for-profit college and how this kind of institution differs from a for-profit university. No matter which you choose, take the time to research a school’s financial aid opportunities and how you might qualify.

2.     Research Accreditation

You can narrow your list of online colleges by only choosing those that are accredited by an official peer review board. When colleges are accredited, you can be assured that the education you receive is a quality one. Earning a degree from an online college that is not accredited may not be of much value, especially when you seek employment once you finish. If an online school carries accreditation, that information should be prominently displayed on its website.

3.     Consider Education Opportunities

Not all online colleges offer the same kinds of educational opportunities, and understanding what individual universities offer can help you decide which is the best choice for you. To illustrate this point, examine this infographic from Case Western Reserve University, which explains what online students can expect when they enroll to earn a Master of Science in Social Administration. Knowing exactly what to expect and how the professors and student support services will assist you with earning your degree and giving you a positive online college experience can be important when it comes to choosing a school.

4.     Realize Your Employment Goals

While enrolling in online college can be exciting, you may also want to think about the future and what kind of employment plans you have. Using this strategy may not only help you find the right online program, it might also help you choose a degree plan that can help you find a job with more ease once you graduate. Understanding your employment goals can also help to ensure you take classes that will serve your career and avoid those that might be a waste of time and money.

Choosing an online college can be a confusing journey. However, when you understand your educational, financial, and employment goals, finding a school that matches them might be a bit less stressful.


Organic Farm in the Desert | Greenheart Organic Farm

Have you ever thought how organic crops are grown in a sandy landscape, under high temperature for almost the whole year? It remained a mystery to me, until I got a chance to visit an organic farm in the middle of the desert. Thanks to Homeschool Global for organizing the field trip to Greenheart Organic Farm.

Along with the students, I get to enjoy the trip. I guess my husband and I has benefited from this trip more than our boys. It was very informative and has raised an awareness on how these delicious and nutritious crops are grown. It grows our desire to go for a healthier diet for our family. Organic is arguably the nutritious and cleanest food we can feed our family.
 photo E9BD334B-5CBE-487D-BE29-92C661DD958D_zpsrnsg5lna.jpg

Before this trip, I don’t have any idea how the organic thing works in UAE. And it amazes me, that in the heart of the desert, there are grow houses, impressive cooling system and water reservation system that grows and produces clean and healthy food. At greenheart, they grow their produce from heirloom seeds, they even produce their own manure and compost. The result is an authentic organic fruit & vegetable.

 photo 38E0C69C-3748-4BED-AEFB-C8E873FAE03E_zpscklkfrog.jpg

 photo 7657E1BF-A3E5-44B9-A298-FC92AFCE366C_zpsvswbknep.jpg

It was refreshing seeing those greens. We get to see tomatoes on the vine, vibrant colors of capsicum, field of mint leaves, green iceberg lettuces, baby cucumbers and its shining flowers, cabbages, beet roots and many more, I even forgot their names. There are goats and chicken, producing manure. They also have their own well where they get their water supply. You see, it’s really a sustainable farm in the desert.

 photo IMG_4378_zpsxbbxpnmi.jpg

 photo 410968C5-535B-4EC1-83EB-772E62EC3132_zpsp0c5kcty.jpg

We braved the heat, and it was worth it. Greenheart Organic Farm is a 100,000 sq.meters farm in Dhaid, Sharjah. To know more about them, visit Greenheart website and Facebook Page They also have their own shop bringing good & nutritious food for everyone.

Finalizing Your Plans to Improve Your House’s Beauty and Function

 photo Fotolia_37140993_L_zpsychv3juy.jpg
photo from http://geraldlight.com

After weeks or months of dreaming, discussing, and budgeting, you are now finally ready to start the remodeling of your home. The only details that are between you and a house that is even more beautiful and function are what contractors to hire and what projects to which to give the green light.

You can finalize plans for both of these details by going online to check out the latest in home renovation contractors and get inspiration for both interior and exterior project. Everything that you need to finish off your plans may be available to you on the website today.

Vetting Contractors

Even if you are on the most modest of budgets, you still want professional contractors who can give you the highest level of service. You do not want to trade quality for low costs. You can find contractors who can get the work done to your satisfaction at a price that fits in your budget by using the website’s listing of area home remodeling businesses. This listing gives you all of the contact details you need to decide what contractors to take bids from and which ones to overlook.

When it comes to vetting bids, you do not need to call each contractor one by one and ask for a price. The website can gather bids for you so that you know who is offering the lowest price and which ones are offering competitive pricing on quality work. You can then accept the bid that is in line most with your needs and arrange for a time for the work to start.

Project Ideas

You cannot green light the start of the work without knowing what projects you want done on your home. If you have been wavering on what projects to start and what ones to hold off until later, you can decide for sure by using the website as a reference.

You can also get project ideas if you have difficulties deciding what work to actually approve. You may come across ideas you never entertained prior to looking at the website.

All of the months of planning come down to the most important details of what projects to start and who to hire for the job. You can finalize both goals by using the website’s contractor suggestions and by exploring interior and exterior project ideas.

Things to Consider When Planning for a Babymoon

 photo couple-1192004_960_720_zpskxpdjzlh.jpg
photo from https://pixabay.com
First time parents want to experience babymoon. Babymoon is known as the couple’s last getaway together, before their little one pops up. A babymoon can sound really nice, like a honeymoon; however, there are things that couples have to be mindful of when you and your partner decide to have one.

Location – is the place near a hospital? Does it require too much walking or stairs? These two are important things to consider when having a babymoon. Not that something bad might happen, but just in case there is an unforeseen emergency, make sure your getaway place is near a hospital.

Budget – having a newborn can be expensive. Make sure you don’t overspend during your babymoon.  After all, you’re just there to be able to relax. You don’t need to go somewhere grand. Go to what your budget allows you to afford.

Trimester – since you are pregnant, you can’t just go out and have a babymoon. Most experts agree that the best time to travel is when you’re in your 2nd trimester. It is because a woman may not be able to enjoy the getaway when she’s in her third trimester. The same is true of the chances when a pregnant woman is in her third trimester as it will be a lot more challenging to move and walk.

A babymoon is a nice way for a couple to be able to bond and relax before their little one joins in. Make sure to talk to your partner when you plan to go on a babyoon.

Celebrate That Special Occasion With Butter Cookies

 photo butter-cookies_zpssxddutxc.jpg
Birthdays, holidays and milestones are all great reasons to order butter cookies and other baked goods. A special occasion deserves only the best cookies in town. If you are wondering where to buy butter cookies Chicago IL, look no further than the Jarosch Bakery.

You can find the Jarosch Bakery at 35 Arlington Heights Road. It is the number one place to buy handmade butter cookies in Chicago. The best part is the bakery ships to cities throughout the United States. If you live outside the area, you will not regret ordering your baked goods from this bakery.

The bakery offers 25 varieties of butter cookies, from cookies topped with sprinkles to cookies sandwiched with raspberry. Every cookie is baked and decorated by hand to ensure you are ordering a delicious batch every time. The selection includes the Raspberry Sandwich, Pecan Crescent, Cherry Star, Brownie and Yellow Finger with Chocolate Sprinkles. You can order your assortment in a gift box or on a serving tray.

Jarosch Bakery also serves custom cookies to fit a specific event. You can choose the design and shape of your cookies to create a dessert tray or party favors. The staff adds a logo or design to your cookies with fondant icing or an edible scan. The custom cookies are perfect for events ranging from a wedding or baby shower to a fundraiser or corporate function. It is required to give two weeks notice for custom cookie orders, but the cookies are worth the wait and additional cost.

Do you need more than just butter cookies for your event? You can find a variety of baked goods at this bakery. There is a wide selection of traditional cookies, such as Sugar, Chocolate Chip and Oatmeal Raisin, and you may decide to order cookies topped with sprinkles, icing or M&Ms candy. The bakery serves fresh bread and bun options, including the Cinnamon Raisin Bread, Garlic Bread, Croissants and Dinner Rolls. You can also order delicious tortes, layer cakes, coffee cakes, holiday cakes and wedding cakes to fit your event.

The wide selection makes it easy to create the perfect assortment of butter cookies for your event. You can order the regular flavors or put in an order for custom cookies. Whether you are ordering cookies, cakes or breads, you are sure to enjoy the baked goods from this amazing bakery.

Promote your Brand through Custom Stickers.

 photo IMG_3066_zpseei3jtqb.jpgBusiness owners who want to promote their products or services can utilize custom stickers that are made. Stickers are an effective way of advertising and allowing your logo to circulate in the local area when you want to grow as a business. To increase your success as a company, there are a few ways to promote your brand with the use of custom stickers.

Include the Sticker with Each Purchase

You can include one of your stickers in each box that comes with the product that you sell to ensure that the customer can add it to a mirror in their home or a guitar. Stickers that you include with purchases will make it easy to advertise through your customers and allow them to show their support for what the goods that you sell. You can also add a sticker in each bag that you give to your customers when purchases are made.

Advertise on Vehicles

Distribute waterproof stickers to your employees to stick on their vehicles, which will make for an effective way of advertising the business. Hundreds of different vehicles will see the sticker on the road each day, which will allow locals to begin to recognize the brand.

Distribute Stickers at Trade Shows and Exhibitions

An effective way to connect with other people at trade shows and exhibitions is to distribute stickers at a booth that you set up. You can offer the free stickers to those who pass by or even hand them out to those who sign up for your emails. Stickers are a modern way of informing others of your service or products instead of using business cards. If you hand out goodie bags to those who purchase items, be sure to include a sticker that they can place on their desk or computer.

Send Stickers to Retailers

If your products are sold in stores, you can send each retailer that carries your items to their shop as a way of showing their customers that they carry your goods. Send out promo packs to stockists with posters or flyers to help decorate their store, which can increase your sales with free advertising that is used.

Custom stickers that are created to represent your brand or products can increase your sales and allow you to become more recognizable as a company. You can freely promote your company by distributing the stickers, which will be used more than business cards.

Middle East Homeschool Conference 2017

Great news for those considering homeschooling in UAE and ofcourse those who are currently homeschooling in the country. The very first Homeschool Conference in Dubai or should I say Middle East, is happening this 4th of March. Inspiring speaker and veteran homeschoolers like Edric & Joy Mendoza will surely inspire and motivate us in Homeschooling our children. I am looking forward to this event and hope to meet more homeschooling families. If you are interested, visit homeschool.ea for more info and click here to purchase your ticket.

 photo img_0840_zpsi1xtv9lt.jpg

Making Some Extra Cash for the Household

 photo 55727CE2-FE92-4A8C-BABB-9F819F6AFE0A_zpstz8qfn3z.jpgWhether you’re a stay-at-home mom or retiree, making some extra money for the household is a tempting challenge. These funds can be dedicated to a future vacation or college tuition. Consider your personal talents, and carve out some time to perform these tasks in order to make extra money.

Sell it Online

Your garage or storage facility might be overflowing with items that are of no use to you now. Try to sell them online so that you can free up money and space. Take photos, create captions and post the items on a selling website. Be open to negotiations so that the items move on to other owners. Online sales allow you to spread the selling out over many days and weeks compared to a traditional yard sale.

Consider Your Mineral Rights

Many homeowners have acres of land that are undeveloped outside of their main homes. Maintaining this land is costly and time consuming. You might try to sell mineral rights Texas as a way to generate more income. The land might be sold for a certain price so that businesses can remove the minerals as necessary. Because you no longer own the land, there’s no need to spend money on mowing and other upkeep items.

Write up a Blog

If you’re a writing fan, it’s possible to make money off of your creativity. Set up a website, and start writing a blog. This online diary can be about almost any subject that you desire. Insert links to fellow bloggers in your industry so that you can build a following. Money from advertising and other online ventures is possible when you dedicate part of your day to blogging.

Get Crafty

From quilting to jewelry creation, creating crafts is a lucrative way to make money at local shops and farmer’s markets. Think about the crafting niche that you’d like to fill. Perfect your creations, and offer them for sale at the next shopping opportunity. If you’re passionate about crafting, it can become a small business. You simply need to put quality into the products that you make.

Don’t overextend yourself when it comes to buying supplies for a home business. You might make a dozen or more hair barrettes for friends, but purchasing supplies for 1,000 accessories might be more of a cost than savings. Be honest about your fundraising, and the extra money will be enjoyable to make and spend.

It’s A Homeschool Portfolio

Nearly 3 weeks left and my children will have their portfolio review for the 3rd quarter. Our homeschooled kids are required to submit and present their portfolio quarterly. Are you wondering what portfolio I’m talking about? Well, in homeschooling, a portfolio is basically a collection of the student’s work or projects,  showcasing what they have learned through out the school year. It is one of the tools in evaluating homeschool student’s growth at the same time a proof that your child is really schooling. I have to emphasize this, coz I remember being asked by a friend for a proof that my children are doing school at home.

Perhaps the reason that you’re reading this post is you’re searching for ideas on how to create your child’s portfolio. I remember creating our first portfolio 2 years ago, I did a lot of research for me to finally come up with one. And I really have to commend those homeschool-mom blogs who shares their knowledge on this thing. There are a lot of them actually. That’s where the thought of writing this post popped up. So allow me to share some suggestions on what to include in your children’s portfolio.

  • Cover page, include student’s name, age, grade level and picture.
  • Table of contents or list of lessons covered.
  • Intro page, it’s just a short information about the student.
  • Student’s work like crafts, drawing, essay, book review, worksheets
  • Field trips
  • Life skills learned
  • Quizes

How do you compile it? We usually use clear book to compile my children’s work. Some homeschoolers especially higher levels make digital portfolio, this is economical as you get to save papers and ink because you don’t have to print them anymore. I also know a homeschooling mom who made a video compilation of her child’s portfolio.

Here is sample of my eldest son’s portfolio. He  is currently in Grade 1.


And here is a sample of Kinder 1 portfolio by my youngest son image
image image

Those are some entries for their second quarter portfolio. My kids are both in the early years, so most of the time, we assist them. We normally provide the materials for their project, and let them do the assigned task. I That’s how we do it for now. But there are many ways to create portfolio, as your child grow, they’ll surely come up with a different style of portfolio.

How do you create your portfolio?

Quick Guide on Decluttering your Home

 photo cartoon-messy-room-w-boxes_zpshhit6d7p.jpg
If you’re like most people, you have a whole host of possessions that are meaningful and important to you. Over time though, the amount of things that you have in your home can go from reasonable to pretty ridiculous.

Many people even find that some parts of their home are so cluttered that they’re embarrassed about entertaining guests in them. While private spaces may be off limits to guests, everybody knows that clutter can take a toll on you eventually, even if you’re not worried about what people think.

Clearing some of the clutter in your home isn’t as difficult as you might think though. Keep reading to learn more about how you can get your beautiful home back. Whether you’ve got 800 square feet or 8,000 square feet, the process is pretty much the same.

Start with the Easy Stuff

When you’re trying to clear clutter in your home, the best thing you can do is to start by getting rid of the stuff you know is just junk. Try donating this stuff, putting it in the trash or giving it to friends and family who may be able to use it.

When going through the process, move items that you know you’re not going to keep to a designated area like the garage. From there, you can move on to cleaning your home while the items you know you don’t want to keep for the long haul are out of the way.

Just make sure you deal with the stuff you moved instead of just letting it clutter up another part of your home.

Know Your Needs

Some people have a very hard time getting rid of things that are in their home. While some find it difficult to part with things they paid for, others may find that they’re putting sentimental value on things that really are just consumer goods.

Know your needs and take the time to understand why you have collected certain items. Knowing how you ended up with too much stuff in the first place can help you understand what you can really afford to live without and what should be kept.

Get Some Help

Sometimes moving big, heavy items or getting rid of large boxes of clutter can be difficult. That’s why many people rely on services that offer junk removal Long Island residents can trust.

Get some help to clear out your home and you’ll rest much easier. The whole process will also take a fraction of the time.