Hillsong United Live in Dubai!

I remember the excitement, the music, the voices of multitude individual becoming one voice in worshipping our living God, and above all, the presence that every Christian longs, the Holy Spirit. These are so far the good memories I have, having experienced worship with Hillsong United back home. And it’s such a joy to find out that I’ll be able to experience this once again, right here in the UAE.

 photo F36C3D2A-9F92-48B4-927F-4BAE3F39C556_zpscpribjue.jpg
If you haven’t heard about it yet, Hillsong United is coming for a worship concert in Dubai on the 28th of April 2017. If you haven’t grab your tickets yet, bad news because tickets are sold out, but! but! the good news is that they’re opening a second night on the 29th of April, so don’t miss the chance, go buy your tickets now! We’ve got ours, can’t wait for this to happen.

You can purchase tickets at www.platinumlist.net. Visit the website for ticket price and seating arrangement.

Hope you could be one of those voices, praising & worshiping God.

Lighting The Board

 photo corn-hole-clip-art-item-1-vector-magz-free-download-vector-em3gTA-clipart_zpsuzek2kob.jpgCornhole is a fun game that can be played to raise money for a special event or that can be played with family and friends at the end of the day. If you plan on playing in the evening when it’s hard to see outside, then consider adding cornhole lights to the board so that you can see where you’re tossing the beanbags.

There are several ideas that you can use when it comes to installing the lights, but the easiest thing to do is to add a string of lights around the holes. White lights are sufficient, but you can add lights that blend with the theme of the board, such as lights that match the color of a sports team. If the lights are around the holes, then you’ll easily be able to tell where the bags are to be tossed instead of guessing at where they land.

Another idea is to use lights around the exterior of the boards. LED lights are often brighter and last longer. You can also add lights that glow in the dark or that are lit by solar energy. This would prevent you from having cords everywhere while playing. Blue or green lights are ideal as they are usually brighter. They also give off a fun effect at night while you’re playing, making it seem almost like you’re playing in a different world than in your back yard.

Aside from the lights that can be installed around the board, you can put lights inside the holes that will illuminate the area of the board. If you have switches that can be installed, then consider adding a pressure switch that will make lights come on when the bag is tossed through or into the hole or onto certain areas of the board. If you need more lights, then you can install the bulbs on the bottom of the boards so that the entire area underneath is bright. This sometimes makes the top of the board a little darker, but you could poke a few holes in the board for the light to shine through in a fun design.

Tape Resist | An Easy Art Activity for Kids

I introduced the boys to canvas and acrylic painting lately. I tried searching for inspiration in pinterest and found this easy and fun tape resist activity for kids, perfect for beginners. It’s so simple but with lovely outcome.

For this activity, you will be needing, canvas, acrylic paint, paint brush and painter’s tape.

To begin with the activity, use the painter’s tape to layout your design. Horizontal, vertical, diagonal lines, it’s all up to you how you would like your canvas to look like. Once you have the layout on the canvas, here comes the exciting part. Let the kids play with colors. Paint within the lines / boxes and encourage the kids to use as many colors as they like. You can also opt for monochrome, it all depends on the design you have in mind.

 photo 5E142142-12C5-4002-B358-CA1472ED6B5C_zpshfpvrbhd.jpg

When all the boxes are painted, have time to dry it, then remove the tapes.

 photo 62724CF6-74F2-4A47-828D-1C68F160E11D_zps7zdz3hpe.jpg photo AB4CA57F-347F-4715-AD01-6C39083F3D82_zpskzlg3dya.jpg

And the result is lovely.

Are you thinking of doing this with your kids? Before you get excited, do consider this. For best result, use only painter’s tape for this activity. Unfortunately, I don’t have painter’s tape in the craft box when we did this activity, so I thought the normal transparent tape will do. Although the result were still good, I think it was not a good move at all, because there were noticeable dirty spot when we take off the tape. Moreover, the transparency of the tape, made it difficult for the kids to see the edges of the lines. Colored painter’s tape, will make the line works bold and visible enough for kids to paint.

Have fun with your kids!

Water Sports In The Desert

If there is one thing I miss right now in the UAE, it’s being surrounded by water. As a Filipino expat, but with the Philippines still very much in my heart, I’m sure that you may know from your geography class at school, or from world history, that the Philippines Island, are just that 7,107 islands surrounded by plenty of water. The Pacific Ocean to be exact.

As the UAE is actually an Arabian peninsula located primarily along the Persian Gulf, we do have water sports. But of course, not like what we have in the Philippines. Although UAE may be known as mostly desert land by other people from other nations, the country do have their share of exciting water sports.

Water Sports In The UAE

 photo shark-boat-excite-570x255_zpsl9zfpk1w.jpg
photo from https://whatdoesntsuck.com

Some of the water sports include jet ski and fly-board riding in Dubai, recreational sailing, jet packing experiences, jet-o-vator rides, hyrdro water sports, deep blue sea diving, sea-gliding and many more water sport activities.

Well, we may not be exactly water people in UAE, not like the Australians perhaps, but their is enough ocean water off the shoreline to merit seeing an amazing collection of yachts.

Little yachts, big yachts and yachts of every size in between. These gulf waters are more than big enough for even the super, giant-size fancy yachts that come here to enjoy the year-long hot weather. They even have Back Cove yachts for sale here in Dubai. They are considered some of the most popular boats in the world.

A Little History Of Back Cove Yachts

Starting back in the year of 1607, when the state of Maine in the United States was not a state yet, ship building traditions began on the shores of the Kennebec River. Over time, the reputation of Maine’s finest quality design and functionality grew as the look of the Maine lobster boat and its dependable fuel efficiency of its single diesel engine made the boats even more famous.

Not only in the UAE will you find these beautiful cabin yachts, but in Greece, Norway, Japan, Australia and New Zealand too! Just about every place that there’s a body of water, or inland waterway, you can find these boat wonders of engineering. Today, still being built in Rockland, Maine, in a modern 240,000 square foot production center, their trouble-free performance remains well-known–even in the UAE.

If you ever get wanderlust for the sea,then check out the new Back Cove dealership in Dubai where you can either buy, or rent, one of these splendid pieces of sea-worthy boats.

Beyond Gifts

Ask my boys what is Christmas to them, and you will get an exaggerated answer, g-i-f-t-s!
They get euphoric with the overflowing love they receive from family and friends this festive season, which I’m also happy about.

It’s agreeably good to see our kids delighted in this merry season. Who wouldn’t, when you see your children ecstatic to go home with a surprise in tow after attending a Christmas party? It justifies, why they see this time of the year as the seasons of gifts. ?

With all this bliss, I just feel the need to instill in their fragile heart the true reason of this season. And how timely it was, that this week’s topic on my son’s Bible subject, is all about God’s Love Gift – Jesus. Truly, it was a good opportunity to teach the little minds, why we celebrate this season and why they’re receiving heaps of gifts. We use to say that Christmas is a season of giving. Yes, it is, and it all began, when God, gave His son, as a precious gift, to save the humanity. Jesus is the reason of this season, without Him we won’t be celebrating Christmas at all. We are sharing our blessings, because of the overflowing love, we have first received from our Father. This might be a difficult thing to grasp for the little minds, but I hope, somehow I’ve sowed a seed about this truth. John 15:13 tells us,
There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.

To cap off the lesson, I ask them to paint their version of the nativity scene.

 photo 293B2174-0BAC-412A-A0A4-5BA2B78B5644_zpslg5qhkub.jpg  photo E7899FF9-CA23-461D-BF65-1241C2F22C6F_zps8ue21oa5.jpg

Celebrating With A Holiday Basket

 photo Holiday-Wine-Gift-Basket-_zpsb8ogyszu.jpg
photo from: stellarosawines.com/

If you’re looking for an easy gift to give for Christmas, then consider holiday gift baskets. There are numerous things that you can include, using a theme in the basket with the items that you purchase. A basket is an ideal option if you’re trying to shop for someone who has a little bit of everything or someone who is simply too hard to shop for and you feel might be hard to please. A gift basket is also a gift to consider for someone who you’re not close to but still want to give something to, such as an employer or a friend of the family who you have recently met.

The basket is the first thing to start with. You can reuse baskets that you already have as long as they aren’t damaged. Add a bit of cardboard or tissue paper to the bottom as a base for the items that you plan to include. After you’ve got the basket together, you can start looking for the perfect items to add depending on the age of the recipient and the gender.

When it comes to getting items for a female, consider candles, lotion and bath products. Nothing says relaxation like items that can be used to take a hot bath with after a long day. Shea butter bath salts, oatmeal bath products or sugar scrubs are items that are sure to put a smile on her face. If the basket is for someone younger, then consider fun items, like bubble bath, finger paints for the tub or colored bath balls that turn the water to the same color.

A gift basket for a man could include razors, shaving cream and other toiletries that are used when shaving. You can also include a gift card for a movie or a few sports items, like a football or a mug that has a favorite sports team. If you aren’t sure what the person would enjoy, then a food basket is an idea. It can include items for making breakfast in the morning or items to enjoy while watching a movie, such as popcorn or boxes of candy.

Homeschool Global Filipino Themed Sports Fest

A few weeks after the learn group’s field trip, the boys were telling me they miss their homeschool friends. Then the following days, they were asking if they can meet them.
Poor boys, it’s a challenge for us to bring them on a play/learn date with co-homeschooled kids on a weekday, because my husband and I are both working. We cannot also schedule
a play dates on a weekend, because that is where we maximized our homeschooling, unless there are special events on weekends, then we’ll give way.

And that’s why, I am glad that recently, the boys were reunited with co-homeschoolers even for just a day, for the Homeschool Global first ever sports fest. Of course, the boys were elated after finding out, about the event. They were actually counting the days perhaps because of excitement.

 photo IMG_0674_zpskiu1stg0.jpg

The Filipino themed sports fest was held last November 19 at Zabeel Park. The goal was to expose our children to Philippines’ traditional sports. I don’t think children today have any idea how to play, luksong tinik or patentero as they get to spend more time playing with gadgets, and if they hit the outdoors, I don’t think they will be playing agawang base in UAE. It is arguably a good idea to come up with this kind of theme and let the children experience the game that their parents used to play, when we are their age.
 photo IMG_0689_zpskgnuyr5l.jpg

 photo IMG_0697_zpsvzx2wpsu.jpg

 photo IMG_0640_zpsejkuunhn.jpg

 photo IMG_0705_zpsdvmij8yk.jpg

Funny that sometimes the kids were sometimes quirky, whenever we introduce new game. It’s as if they’re startled that there is such game.It was also a good time to teach the children about sportsmanship.

 photo IMG_0667_zpsbxdbe3ac.jpg

Seeing a growing number of homeschooling families in the UAE, was a good sight. Families from Abudhabi down to Sharjah, came to join the fun. I hope next time families from other emirates will be able to join us as well.

 photo IMG_0675_zpslllwm5us.jpg

The kids were ecstatic, and the parents were into the fun. I enjoyed cheering for our kids, and meeting new friends who share the same passion as mine.
 photo IMG_0763_zpsbtec6nwk.jpg

 photo IMG_0746_zpsg6bvcfi5.jpg

Choose an Environmentally Safe Mattress for Your Bed

 photo king-size-memory-foam-bed-mattress-twickenham-corner1_zpsdwrmhtun.jpgExperts recommend replacing a bed’s mattress occasionally to provide better back support. You may have had the same mattress for 15 years or longer because you have lived in the same home. Not only does a mattress begin to sag, but also, it collects dust, skin oils and dry skin flakes. In addition, your mattress may have contamination from parasites such as dust mites that ingest the dry skin on your mattress. Despite having mattress covers and changing your bedding frequently, your bed’s mattress might cause allergic reactions such as sinus congestion or itchy eyes.

Many Mattresses Contain Dangerous Chemicals

You might think that buying a new mattress will eliminate your allergy symptoms, but the wrong mattress can create additional health problems. The reason for these problems is that many companies are using dangerous chemicals to make mattresses. These chemicals will leach volatile gases into your bedroom, causing headaches and respiratory distress. Many of the chemicals used to make mattresses are also harmful for the earth’s environment. If you want to have the safest new sleeping surface, then it is imperative to find an eco-friendly mattress from a specialty store.

Avoid Dangerous Chemicals

When you decide to buy a new mattress, it is a good idea to learn more about how a manufacturer creates the item. You will use a mattress for many years, and if it is emitting dangerous fumes into your home, then it can cause allergic reactions or long-term health problems. You must find a mattress store that offers products with these features:

• No formaldehyde
• No polybrominated diphenyl compounds
• No prohibited phthalates
• No lead
• No mercury
• No heavy metals
• No volatile organic compounds
• No methylene chloride

The best mattress products undergo emission testing to make sure that customers are not exposed to dangerous gases that cause illnesses.

Buy Mattresses Made of Bamboo

If you are looking for an environmentally safe mattress, then find one that is made from bamboo materials. Bamboo is a strong grass that grows quickly, making it a renewable material. Many bamboo growers believe in using organic processes while planting and harvesting the durable grass. The fibers from organically grown bamboo are used to make high-quality mattresses that do not have dangerous foam. These mattresses are made using natural castor and palm oils along with safe gels to provide a comfortable sleeping surface.

Making Spelling Fun

Spelling is a skill equally important as reading. While our boys are emergent readers, they need to buckle down on their spelling. Our boys learned the ropes to reading at an early age. And so, I thought that spelling will be a breeze for them. But I overshoot the mark, the boys were in a pickle and being bilingual also contributed confusion on their spelling, they have both English and Filipino subjects and they speak both languages, hence the mixed up of both, when spelling is a usual occurrence.

Having observed that, I realized that teaching spelling and reading have a different approach. It was an advantage that the language curriculum they use is substantial for spelling improvement, but since they’re not really big on writing, it was a challenge having them write spelling words. And so, I have to squeeze creativity on teaching spelling. And you know, when my wheel of creativity runs dry, I run to google. Glad I found generous websites, who shares creative ways of teaching spelling.

If your child needs to improve spelling skill, check out the list of blogs below, for fun spelling activities.

The Measured Mom’s Spell it game
Spelling Activities from every star is different
Gumball Spelling Theme Activity from The Measured Mom
Online Spelling Puzzle from The kid’s page
Window Writing Spelling Words & Practice from Teach Mama

My children loves the spell it, spelling game from the measured mom. I downloaded and printed her free spelling games, played it with the whole family at least two or three times a week. A Few weeks of playing this and at the same time doing spelling drills, we have seen Zoe improved in spelling.  The game needs a dice, playing pieces, top cards/spelling words.

 photo A663973E-B240-4062-98E6-D6F7FB1C6428_zpstd1vjofo.jpg photo B85965BC-4419-457C-B9D2-32FAA0763E9C_zpsiubh420o.jpg

The players should take turns reading the spelling words to the other player.  The other player must spell the word correctly to be able to roll the dice and advance.  You can have the option whether to write the spelling words or to spell it aloud.

 photo 3F39D287-A025-4A5A-8233-EC956E6B871D_zpsnrd2vrrz.jpg
Spelling game is fun and substantial way of teaching spelling to children.

Do You Need to Have a Patch Made?

 photo Embroidered-felt-peace-sign-patch_zpsq45mqewm.jpg
photo from http://wonderfuldiy.com/

Patches are used on a wide variety of clothing. You can find them on sports uniforms that are worn by athletes. You will also find patches on the work clothing worn by mechanics, plumbers and people in many other professions. You might find yourself in a situation where you need to have a patch specially designed. It is true that there are many companies that specialize in designing patches. However, you should not be fooled into thinking that the quality of the patches produced by all of these companies will be identical. That is simply not true. Here is what you need to look for when you are trying to find a company to make a patch for you.

1. Does the company produce patches that are woven?

Woven patches are able to show a lot more intricate detail than standard embroidered patches. This has made the popularity of woven patches increase significantly over the past several years. Unfortunately, not all of the companies that produce patches use the embroidery method. This means you will need to do some research if you have your heart set on having your patch designed using embroidery. You might want to look for a company that sells woven labels.

2. How quickly will the company be able to produce your patch?

You do not have the time to sit around and wait endlessly for the company to finish working on your patch. Therefore, it is important that you inquire with the patch production company about the length of time it usually takes them to complete their work. Some companies are able to make their patches and send them to you much faster than others.

3. Make sure that you look at a sample of your patch before you place a large order.

You might be ordering identical patches for a large number of uniforms. If this is the case, it is imperative that you have the company produce a sample of the patch for you to look at before they start making many identical patches. You can look at the sample and tell the company about anything that you want them to change. They should keep producing samples until you are completely satisfied with the quality of their work. At that point, you can place a large order of the patch with the peace of mind that they will be made correctly.