Letter of the Week | Z is for Zebra

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Z is for Zebra! Having had finished letter B, the boys were expecting letter C next in line. I originally planned covering it chronologically, but after further researched, I found out that it would be more interesting for the children if we introduce first the letter of their names. So, we jumped from C to Z which is the first letter of my boys’ name. Since, I purposely initiated this activity for our youngest Zian, we will be ensuing his name for the coming week.

Here’s how our letter Z week went. This time most of our worksheets were from The Measured Mom. I used the level 1 worksheets for Zian and the level 2 worksheets for Zoe. Thanks a lot for those free printable!


Practice counting and identifying numbers.
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How many zoo animals are there? I asked them to circle the correct number.


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Here, they are matching the zoo animals to their shadows.

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And then the pattern activity. Encircling the animal that comes next. They also had concept of size and classification of things activities.

Language Art

Tracing the giant Z in upper and lower case.

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We also did one of the classics, identifying pictures that begin with letter Z, by coloring the picture and writing the missing letter.

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Z is for Zipper! Decorating Z with zipper print outs.

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We were suppose to do a field trip to the zoo, but it was raining almost the whole week.

Letter of the Week | B is for Bee

While we follow a curriculum for Zoe, I made sure that we would tackle letter of the week for my youngest Zian while homeschooling Zoe. This will help him better understand the letters and it’s sound and will also improve his vocabulary.

Last week was letter “B” week. The first thing that came to my mind while preparing for letter B was bee although they’re a bit scared of bee when they saw them one time in our hallway they like my giant B bee.  Here’s how it went.

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Language Art

I let them color the giant letter B. And then, they went on with the fill in the letter exercise which we did for the first time.

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They did the grouping exercise. I asked them to circle the letter B’s that was group into 3. The last time we did this with letter A, Zian was doing his own thing before he finally got it. The same thing happened again.

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B is for Bus also. So we created a bus for our arts.

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Zoe was not fond of the glue but the little brother was not bothered when his hands gets sticky.


One of their favorite book in our library is Dr. Seuss’ Mr. Brown can Moo can You? They love reading it again and again so we did another round of it, plus read & shine’s at the beach. And they look forward to snorkeling someday!

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That was our letter B week.

Letter of the Week

Since commencing homeschooling for our eldest son Zoe, who is now in Kinder 1, I have also thought of how I can intentionally homeschool our youngest son Zian who just turned 3 years old last May. During the first few weeks of our homeschooling, I tried to let Zian sit with his brother while homeschooling, in that way (I thought) he would also learn. But there are lesson that were just too advance for him and I don’t want to pressure him.

I have been reading about the “letter of the week” idea in a homeschool group where I am currently a member. Thinking that it’s a good program for my 3 years old, I immediately gave it a try. I am thankful for the loads of ideas I found on the internet and from fellow homeschool moms.

Last week we have focus on letter “A” and this week we are learning more about letter “B“. A was a good week for us. So here’s how we did it.

 photo A_is_for_Apple_copy_zpsmgs6tor1.jpg

Language Art

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The boys had an identification exercise. I created a list of letters and let them identify the letter A by encircling it. And also have them color an uppercase letter A. I forgot to take a picture of it.


 photo DSC01053_zpsyj3ooemu.jpg

I let them do a grouping exercise by encircling the letter A that’s group into three. This will improve their counting ability. Zian, however did his own thing, he was encircling the whole row which, according to him looks like a train and then later he did the right thing.


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A is for alligator. I found this free printable. I printed and cut it into pieces forming a puzzle. I let them do the puzzle and then they color it after.

That’s how our Letter of the week goes. Next week I am hoping to find more fun activities for the kiddos. Bye for now!