Conquering Clutter

Last week marked my sixth month of juggling work and mommy duties plus on top of that I have a home to be manned. As you know, I have toddlers at home who are a good clutter operator. While I keep cleaning for hours, they’ll mess up our abode in just a minute. However I am getting things organized and neat. I hate it when I dig closets or cabinets just because I couldn’t find what I am looking. Good thing we have installed shelves from the best selection of pull out shelves┬áto maximize storage spaces.

Stashing things out and conquering clutter project had me great organizing ideas that are helpful and will surely organize your home. Here’s sharing some decluttering ideas.

  • Sort things out and get rid of unused stuff (clothes, shoes) hibernating in your closet. I have been donating some of it and I had few more.
  • Maximize walls. Install shelves and use it as decorative storage. You can also place decorative basket storage on shelves for aesthetics.
  • Organize your storage by categorizing items. You may use boxes and have them labeled.
  • If you have toddlers who has tons of toys, it would be helpful to label toy boxes, separating cars from robots.
  • Store baby books in a book shelf and magazines in a decorative rack.
  • Store paper bills and receipts in a box.
  • Get in the habit of stashing chargers after using. Have a separate storage for easy access.
  • Organize food by categorizing them, like putting together cookies and biscuit and separating beverages.
  • ┬áKeep spices in a rack and label them.
  • Familiarize your linens and have a separate storage for it. Put the ones that you frequently use in front for easy access.

And more to come stay tuned.