My Baby Tickled Me

My baby is 21 weeks and 6 days old inside my womb. Now I would often feel him moving at night especially when I’m about to get myself to sleep. Just last night, while getting myself to sleep lying on my left side, I felt his moves. This time, he seems to be very awake while mom is getting her sleep. He continues moving inside there, and I tried to fall asleep. Just a couple of minutes, I felt this sensation on my tummy’s lower left, I couldn’t help but laugh. I realized that he was tickling me. It may not be intentionally, but hey! I just love the feeling….my baby is tickling me inside my womb!

I changed position this time facing on my right side. Hubby got excited too and has to put his hands over my tummy. Baby did few movements while his daddy’s hand is over my tummy. Daddy was waiting for more, but this time he was behaving. So he takes off his hands and continues working in his pc. Just after he removes his hands, here he comes again. Tickle..tickle..tickle…mommy tickle tickle tickle….I laughed and told hubby that he knew he needs to behave while daddy is there.

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