What is Alexa Page Rank?

I have installed alexa page rank widget almost a week ago, and that’s almost three months since I started this blog and it did not surprise me when I saw my alexa rank without data yet. So I am writing this blog on my intention of boosting up my alexa page rank. Right now, I am taking the steps into increasing my rank, and started experimenting. Here’s a short background about alexa.

So, what is alexa rank?
Alexa rank is a ranking which provides information on traffic levels for websites. Alexa rank is measured according to the amount of users who’ve visited a website with the Alexa tool bar installed. If you are generating income with your blog, there is a huge significant in boosting your alexa rank because this will determine your URL is in good ranking and this will also determine your bargaining when it comes to ad pricing.

How to start using Alexa?
For internet explorer user, download the alexa tool bar at this site and install it in your PC. For firefox user download the search status in this site and intall it in your pc.

To be continue on next post….

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