How to Improve Alexa Rank

I have started blogging about Alexa Rank, and been researching tips on how to improve my page rank. I have come across to different sites that are freely sharing their knowledge on how to improve alexa rank. On my effort to improve my alexa page rank, I have compiled few tips that I have acquired through research. You might have a doubt if this really works, yes it will definitely work if you consistently do it. As we all know, everything requires extra effort in order to have an effective result.
Before doing so, make sure that you have installed Alexa toolbar. Please refer to my previous blog to go to the toolbar download link.
1.       Add Alexa Rank Widget on your website. This counts the number of clicks on your website.
2.       Set your website as your Homepage. If you get to install alexa toolbar, get your website as your homepage in your pc at home or at the office. This will help you drive traffic to your website.
3.       Blog about Alexa. Progressively this will have an effect in your blog. There are numerous newbies in the blogosphere and they would love to hear tips on how to increase page rank. This way, they will drive traffic on your website and might link your page some way or another.
4.       Post your website in any social networking site. I have been sharing my website in all social networking site im in, and it is giving me numbers of visitors.
5.       Add pay per click in your website. Advertising website that lets you earns by visiting & clicking an ads such as google and adgitize will definitely bring you traffic.
6.       Optimize you popular post. If you have a post receiving traffic consistently, add a widget at the bottom of the post and link it to your alexa post.
7.       Add an Alexa Category on you blog. Use this category everytime you blog anything about Alexa. It serves as an access for webmaster or search engine and will help you rank your page.
8.       Try Alexa auto surf, for brand new website, autosurf would be a big help. But you should take note that if you have installed google adsense in your blog, you might have trouble with google.
While these tips may help us boost our rank, we should not forget that developing high quality blog content is still the best way to drive large audience to your blog. In the long run, this will maintain the traffic to your blog rather than artificially increasing your rank.

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