Missing Christmas in the Philippines

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Being a predominant Christian country in the Asia pacific, Christmas in the Philippines is therefore the biggest and longest holidays in the country. Filipino Christmas is the longest Christmas celebration in the world, which start on December 16 lasting up until the first Sunday of January which is the feast of Epiphany. Christmas in the Philippines is rich in traditions making our Christmas unique among any other country’s celebration, the reason why I am missing the Christmas in the Philippines.

Missing the The Parol (Christmas Lantern) which can be seen at houses, offices, shopping malls, schools and even around the streets as early as November. The Christmas Carolling, which start at December 16, and especially enjoyed by children, hoping from different houses singing Christmas jingles. The Simbang Gabi (Dawn Mass), Monito-Monita (Exchange Gifts), the Belen (the nativity) and the sumptuous noche Buena on Christmas Eve. Missing the famous hamon (ham) on our table on Christmas Eve, the leche flan, I wish I know how to cook, the ube halaya , the morcon, and the lechon, I wish we had on our table. Of course missing our families, relatives and friends makes me want to celebrate next year’s Christmas in the Philippines.

Celebrating Christmas in an Islamic Country is not as merry as the Christmas celebration in the Philippines. Most of the time you cannot feel the spirit of Christmas and you will find yourself working, hours before the Christmas Eve. Malungkot (Sad) this is how most OFW’s (Overseas Filipino Worker) describe the Christmas out of the Philippines, especially in Islamic Countries. Nevertheless, Filipinos find ways in order to forget the loneliness felt during Christmas by celebrating Christmas Eve with friends.

Filipino Christmas is about love: A Warm Family ties, Giving, Joy and glad tidings.
Christmas the Pinoy style is absolutely unique and nothing compares.

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