The Proud Daddy

If there’s one person who is more than proud the way I do with our little one, it’s none other than his big daddy. From the start of my pregnancy up to the delivery it was my husband who was constantly beside me and I have to give credit to him for making things easier for me from the pregnancy, delivery and up to now that our little one is with us.

I can clearly recall his excitement the moment that we knew that we’re going to be parents and the waiting game makes him more excited to become a father as we get closer to the delivery date. And finally, it came to pass that my dear husband is now a proud daddy. An overwhelming feeling mixed with joy and anxiousness. Anxious of being a first time dad, what to expect, what to do, and what’s necessary? But beyond those anxieties is an overwhelming joy or rather an unexplainable joy that our little one has brought us. He just love watching his son sleeping and would often brag how handsome his little one is, just like him. Lol.

Fatherhood can be a tricky thing but I know he is doing his best that he knows to become a good father to our first born.

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