How to Register a Foreign Child Born in Malaysia

I recently gave birth to my first baby here in Kuala Lumpur, and we have just  gone thru the process of registering our child, which I thought, might be of help if I share it here. So, here it goes.

We have gain information on how to register our new born through the help of our local colleagues and some Filipino friends. This is my way of sharing to other moms what they have shared to me.

Take note that Birth Registration shall be made within the next 14 days after you give birth. From the hospital where you gave birth, a form Daftar Kelahiran (registration of birth) will be provided to you by the hospital. Just fill in all information needed. Note that the form is in Bahasa Melayu. In the hospital where I gave birth they don’t have English translation form, I don’t know with the other hospital in Malaysia if they provide English translation form. In our case, we have asked our local colleagues to do the translation, there are also online translation resources which maybe a good help.

Next step would be, to submit the form to Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara Malaysia (National Registration Department Malaysia). Submit the Daftar Kelahiran Form together with Borang Pengesahan Kelahiran (Birth Confirmation Form) given by the hospital, your maternity card/book record, the child health record book and the passport of both parents. Registration process will be carried on and on the same day, you can instantly have your child birth certificate without paying anything. That’s how easy and quick birth registration in Malaysia is. For extra copies of birth certificate, you have to pay 5RM for each copy.

A child born in Malaysia to foreign parents is not eligible for a Malaysian citizenship. So, we still have to submit a report of birth to the Philippine Embassy. You can download the Report of Birth form at the Philippine Embassy Website. Prepare four sets of the following: Report of birth form, Child Birth Certificate issued by JPN-Malaysia duly authenticated by the Malaysian Embassy-Consular Department, Marriage certificate, and Passport of both parents. Submit the documents at the consular department and pay 96.25RM. A copy of the report of birth signed & sealed by the Philippine Embassy will be given to you. With in the next 3 months, you can get your child birth certificate at the National Statistics Office in Manila.

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  1. Hi,

    Thanks so much for this information. very helpful indeed. can i have a few more questions.
    When you register birth certificate to National registeration Malaysia, will they give you back the birth confimation form (Borang Pengesahan Kelahiran)? or they will keep it? or would they accept true copy version (with true copy certification)?
    the issue is i am Vietnamese, and my embassy requires birth confirmation to proceed with Vietnamese birth registration, and they will retain this document.
    Thanks so much in advance!

  2. hi Mlnh Nguyen! in my case, our embassy took the original birth confirmation. So better have an extra copy.

    1. Yes, we went for a vacation to philippines when he was four months…Just bring his birthcertificate issued by JPN….that was the only doc that the immigration officer ask for.

      1. Hi adminbevz,

        is there a need to get dependent’s visa for the baby before leaving malaysia? or birth certificate is enough?

        please advise. thank u so much

        1. My son was four months when he first leave Malaysia and he only got birth certificate and passport as travel docs. I guess no need for visa for babies born in Malaysia as long as both parents have visa. But I am not sure up to what age (of the baby) this apply. Some say up to 2yo but better check with malaysian immig.

  3. Hello,

    How old was your child when you return to Malaysia after going back from your vacation in the Philippines? May Philippine passport na ba anak mo nun? Thanks in advance.

  4. Hi..can I ask same question I’m pregnant separated mother din…I have bf filipino I’m not married w/ him kapag lumabas ba ang Bata maka dala ba xa ng name ng father Nya. Kahit nd kami kasal at maregister ba ditto sa Malaysia salamat….

  5. Hi Jane! As far as I know, our law allows a child to carry his father’s name even if you are not married with the father. (Please verify na lng if I am right). Regarding the registration, I am not sure how to register a child in Malaysia pag unmarried ang parents. But one of my friends who is not married gave birth also here in Malaysia was asked to present a certificate of common law partner by the phil embassy in KL upon registration of the child.

    I hope this help.

    1. I wish to know, I m not married but my son 3years old recently had make passport in KL, his father is Malaysian, I wan to bring my son back to Philippine, do I hv to bring along my unregistered husband too? Any Philippine law saying tat I hv to do so? What if he refuse to come along with me? Need help. Thanks

  6. Hi, ask ko lang kung after masubmit sa phil. consulate ung registration of birth, pwde na ba i-apply agad ng passport c baby? gano katagal bago mo nakuhanan ng passport c baby? thanks

    1. hi Jobz! Yes I think so pwede mo na sya aplayan ng passport. 2 months si baby when we applied for his passport. pwede din yata mas early pa kc i remember nabangit nung incharge dun na meron daw nag apply 2 weeks old pa lng na baby…

  7. Hi,
    Just want to ask kasi yung baby ko is Malaysian Citizen kasi I’m married to a Malaysian guy. Is there a possibility na mag dual citizenship sya? He was born here in Malaysia and uwi kami for a short holiday next month what are the requirements needed aside from his passport (Malaysian)?
    Thanks a lot!


    1. Hi Marie! thanks for droppin by my blog…sorry I don’t have an idea about dual citizenship in Malaysia. Regarding travel docs of your baby, aside from his passport, bring along his birth certificate, that was the only docs that the immigration officer asked for.

  8. Hi Ms. Bevs,

    I just gave birth last week 23rd of March here in Regency Hospital in Johor. I have some inquires regarding about the report since this is our first time. Can I ask your direct e-mail add. Here’s mine,

    Thank you.

    1. hi naomi! If you don’t mind, (if it’s not too sensitive) just shoot the inquiries here in the comment section.

  9. Hi
    i have a son who’s 3 years old now.the father is Malaysian chinese but were not married sa ngaun po d2 Kame nakatira sa Sarawak pinanganak ko po ang anak ko sa Pinas kaya after ko nkakuha ng philippine pasport nya bumalik kame sa question po is my possible po ba na maikuha ko xia ng malaysian citizenship kht d kame kasal ng Father nya or kht man lang ngaun kase nag eexit lang kame mothly..thanks po in advance!

    1. Hi abby! Sorry, I dont have an idea about the citizenship. siguro better if you direct your question to the malaysian embassy.

  10. Hi Miss Bevs,

    Pwede ko po bang madala ang bata sa singapore then maybe after days balik na naman dito sa malaysia?

  11. Hi..good morning again…tanung ulit ako I’m Jane here napa registered ko ang baby ko sa name ko LNG kasi ang tatay Nya umuwi ng pinas nd pala pwd ma apilyedo Nya kasi ala man ako xerox ng passport nea so single mum LNG ako don..ang kulay ng birth certificate na binigay sa akin is pink xa….wla man daming tanung ? Ang tanung ko LNG pwd ba ako makakuha ng pasport ng baby dito…at ma under ba xa sa viza ko kasi viza ko katulong LNG possible bang ma under xa sa akin….salamat……..Jane

    1. hi jane!as with the passport, yes i think pd k makakuha dito but better inquire directly sa embassy to make it sure. as with thevisai dont have an idea about it. sorry.

    2. helo..ask ko lng kung panu ka nagreport ng birth s embassy?single mum dn b ung ila2gay m s form?masu2nod dn b ung linagay sa birth cert n bngay ng JPN d2?

  12. hi po..1 year old n bb ko pero d p xa naregister kasi hnd kmi kasal ng father nya n malaysian..pag magpaparegister b s jpn anu ung mga requirements..kelangan b kasal kmi ng daddy ng bb ko???
    thank u in advance!!

  13. HI adminbevz,
    I just want to ask 1 question
    If foreigner give birth in malaysia..
    what facilitys the baby can get??


    1. do you mean the baby’s benefits? If so, I don’t have an idea what are the benefits a foreign child can get if he is born in malaysia. As with the Citizenship, it will only be granted if one of the parents is Malaysian.

  14. Hi Adminbevz,

    As ko lng po kung pano ikuha ng passport ang baby ko sa embassy natin because my marriage in Philippines is not annulled. Seprated lng kmi ng husband ko since 2005. My baby’s dad is German but he passed away last February when I was 5 mos. pregnant. I gave birth last June 21st. Anong requirements sa embassy for my baby’s passport? And just in case maikuha ko na siy ng p.port niya, pwede ba siya mag sty pa dito? Kasi ang permit ko and work karerenew lng.
    Thank you in advance.

  15. Hi roxane! The requirements I’ve posted in this blog post un lng po ang kailangan ng embassy when applying for a passport. As with your being not annulled with your husband, I don’t think if the embassy have special requirements for that case. It would be better if you inquire directly po sa embassy.

  16. To,
    i m permanent from last 7 delivery date will be around 25 to 30 dec but the main problem we r having is that we both r nt having any visa.
    can u plzz tell me what r do i have to do in this situation.
    i will be waiting 4r ur reply

    1. Hi! I think it’s important to have a visa if you are planning to deliver your baby in Malaysia. So if you cannot acquire a visa, it would be better if you go home and deliver your baby in your home country.

  17. My baby is 8 months old today, the problem is i still haven’t register her at JPN… Do you think istill can register her? Can you give the requirements… Can i get a phil passport for my baby? Thanks in advance…

  18. hi adminbevz,
    ask ko lang anu requirement to get a dependant pass for my son? need ba ng marriage certificate?, wala kc ako nun, but I was able to register my son at JPN using his father’s name. alam mo na, may nabibili na marriage certificate at tinanggap nmn sa JPN..
    naikuha ko na rin sya ng passport, with paternity acknowledgement sa philippine embassy.
    pede ba yun na wala ng marriage certificate sa immigration?

    thank you.

  19. Am Malaysia not married waiting my bf to finish is study this year..we have baby is know 10month we have not register him certificate please can we still do that? please i need your help am worried about that please help me..

    1. Registration should be made within 14 days from the date of birth and as far as I can remember there is penalty if you register late.

  20. hi i just want to ask about sa pagkuha ng pp sa phil.embassy?i gave birth here and my son was 9 mos.old already pero hndi kmi ksal ng ama nya and then may birt cert n dn xa from JPN…what are the requirements to get my baby passport??

  21. 1more question kpag poh b inuwe ko si baby sa pinas pde pb xang mkabalik d2 sa malaysia kht n hndi kmi ksal ng father nya?

  22. Hi,ds s my first time posting here. I was here for almost four years,and i gave birth to a baby boy in 2011. The problem is i don’t hav a visa. My application was revoked,but my husband have a visa.

    I did my biometric but still failed to get my visa. I am planning to go home in philippines. What should i do to be able to? My baby does not have a passport because i heard that both parents need to have a visa before we can apply for it. Please help. Thank you.

    1. I think you need to get him a passport to be able to travel or ask the PH Embassy in KL if there are alternative travel docs other than passport.

      1. Do you think it is okay if i don’t have a visa? I can apply for his passport?

        Thank you. You are being very helpful to everyone.

          1. It’s me again. You mentioned about the authentication of birth certificate. Where did you do it? Does it have to be in putrajaya?


  23. Hello po adminbevz, I just want to ask. May married couple po dito na workmates ko, dito sa Malaysia pinanganak yung bunso nila, pero at the time nung nanganak siya, di pa dumadating yung asawa niya, yung agent namin kinuha yung paper siya na daw magaasikaso, eh di naasikaso niloko lang sila, pati kami, now ok na may bago na kaming agent, nagkaron na kami ng papel, kaso lang di lang namin alam gagawin namin sa baby nila, 8 months na pero di pden naasikaso yung papel nung baby, nasakanila na yung galing noon sa hospital na paper.

    Hope for yor reply . Thanks po. 🙂

  24. Hello. I have one question , I am pregnant at 4 month I enter Malaysia with tourist visa but I would like to labor in Malaysia. is it possible to get visa for this time?
    Thanks in advance.


    1. you should seek the advice of philippine consulate in KL as they know very well regarding this matter rather than me.

  26. Hi Momsicle! Great sharing you have here. I’m just wondering, did you have to get a dependent pass for your baby after you came back here in Malaysia from the Philippines? How much did it actually cost you?


      1. Hello again 🙂

        Thank you for the reply. I am going home to the Philippines with my 4-months old baby by end of August. Can I just exit immigration without the need of getting her a visa? Or should I get one before we go home? All I have is her new passport.

        I’m concerned that if I don’t get her a visa now, I may have to pay “penalty” or fine at the airport when we go through immigration. I don’t want to be surprised with any charges. But then I understood from your blog that you just went home without paying any penalties for not getting a visa for the baby?

        Kindly share your experience on this. Thank you and God bless you 🙂

        1. My baby was born here in Malaysia and has all documents except a dependent visa. It’s taking time to process and I already bought the ticket so that’s why I just want to bring my baby home to the Philippines.

        2. Sorry for the late reply! If he is born in Malaysia, you don’t have to get him a visa. Just bring his birth certificate issued by JPN, and the report of birth at the phil.consulate. Also bring supporting documents like his baby book, and maternity book…Have a safe trip!

          1. Great info again momsicle. Thank you for the reply and I really appreciate it. Basta walang multa kahit wala siyang Visa, sa Pilipinas na lang kami kukuha ng visa.

  27. hi, this is my first time posting..a few question from me..if you have any idea pls give me some opinion..i am malaysian, had a baby (7months) with filipino guy, the problem is our baby don’t have birth certificate yet because my bf doesn’t have any legal document here.few weeks ago we received my bf’s birth certificate from his parents (phil) to proceed with his passport. We plan to moved in phil before this Christmas..what i am worried is our baby don’t have any documents yet and i’m sure it will be difficult to bring him question is:-
    – can we apply our baby cert from the phil embassy without malaysian’s birth certificate
    – how much is the cost for proceed/apply passport for my bf (he’s a filipino but grew up here in Malaysia.His parents working here before but they leave him here without any paper/passport..that’s why my bf don’t have any legal docs here)
    -do i need to apply for visa if i follow my bf to moved there..we think of get married in philippines..

    thank you.

    1. Birth certificate is one of the requirements when applying for a passport. Ask the Phil embassy if there are alternative requirements in the absence of birth certificate. Passport cost 220RM, but that was 2 years ago, better yet inquire directly at phil embassy same thing with regards with the visa, the embassy will have a better answer to your questions.

  28. Hello po.. We r couple working in Singapore.sobrang mahal po delivery dto.. Ask ko LNG if we cross the boarder and give birth in long po makakuha ng passport from our embassy in kl? Kc po we need to bring our baby back to singapore

    1. It’s 1 month daw according to phil embassy but it actually depends kung gaano kadami ung applicants, sometimes kc they have backlogs. When we apply for our baby’s passport it took us 1 and half month kc daw may backlog sila.

  29. Hi!

    Ung 4 copies ng birth certificate from JPN na ipapa-authenticate sa Ministry of Foreign Affairs, would you know kung all original dapat or pwede na ang photocopy na ipa-authenticate? Thank you so much!

  30. hi admin,

    ask ko lng po , buntis po ako ngaun at plano ko manganak d2 sa malaysia ,,kaso di kmi kasal ng ama ng bbko,,malaysian ang partner ko ,at plano nia eregister ang bata sa national registration..may alam po ba kayo kong ano ano ang mga requirements na kailangan,, or possible bang maregister cia. salamat in advance ..asap reply

  31. hello…
    i have a 4 yr old son here in malaysia.i have his malaysian birth cert. and i even done d authentication in putrajaya… as per instruction by our embassy but i never further do the registration cos i want him to be malaysian by convincing his malaysian father to acknowledged that gonna work?(first option)
    how can he be dependant on me?im having housemaid visa.can he study in d government school?if first option nver worked.
    pls do help me..

  32. Hello po ask ko lang po kng paano mg apply ng visa sa ank ko papntang pinas mo kc dun kme mg stay mga 3yrs pro dito ko sya pnangank sa malaysia pro wla ung aswa ko nkakulong sya ngaun sa taiwan my possible po ba na mdala ko sya dun without his father sign or passport copy thnx po

  33. ask lng need paba ng visa for infant, my baby was born in malaysia still waiting for the passport of the child, plan po namin uwe ung baby sa pinas do we still need to get independent visa for the baby, were not married, and shes the only one left in malaysia with our baby at cya lang mag isa uuwe. thnx for sa reply

  34. hi every one, am a foreigner here in malaysia also my gf which is a phillipino, she’s pregnant and we are expecting set of twins (boys) but i don’t know which one is good for our babies to be deliver here in Malaysia or go back to manila for delivery.. i need hints and help about this, thank you

  35. Hi I am Indian , my husband & me both of working in Malaysia . my son born in Malaysia . I get Malaysia birth certificate & indian passport . my son go back india & how to returns Malaysia what need to document, how to get visa? can you please tell me thank .

  36. Hi, I’m from China married to a Malaysian husband. I’m currently 5 months pregnant but we are facing issues that not sure if it could be settled of our marriage. I want to check if I can register the baby as malaysian when the baby is born and can i also go register in China Embassy too?
    If our relationship will not work out, in case i’m divorce, can i bring the baby back to china?

  37. Hi admin
    What are the benefit to the baby and parents of giving birth in Malaysia as the parents are foreigners
    Besides that I have been in Malaysia for 9 years is there any privileges?

    1. If you are pertaining to the citizenship of the child, parents or atleast 1 of the parents should be Malaysian to obtain Malaysian citizenship.

  38. Hi there, just want to ask my situation is quite critical. My gf is a philipino and I’m a Malaysia. She is applying her permit since Jan 2016 and till now the agency still said waiting, keep giving us hope. Thus, she is pregnant 2months now. We can’t even get married and even our baby can’t registered under my name. Any suggestion or advice? Urgent !Much appreciated!

  39. Hi am a filipino,my visa under the maid and single mother, i have given birth a child in the clinic with proper documents, so now i have to register the baby in JPN…what is the process and how…I need the help of your kind suggestion..

  40. Momsicle,

    Good evening, mron na aqng birth certificate ng anak q from JPN. Ipapa register q nlng xa sa philippine embassy. Sav mo po 3mos pa makukuha ang bcert nya registered from philippines. Maaapplyan q pa din po ba xa ng passport on the same day na ipapa register q xa sa embassy ntn?

    1. Hi! you can use the report of birth that will be issue to you by the Philippine embassy. That’s what I remember when I applied for my son’s passport.

  41. hello tanong ko lang po if automatic ba ma report ang birth ko dito sa pilipinas nung nag apply parents ko ng travel document pauwi dito?

  42. Hello, I wish to a filipino. I’ll be giving birth here in sabah this august but im a single soon to be mother? How do i need to register my baby following my name only or having my ex boyfriend name who are not here? They said it will be hard for single mother to register there baby in malaysia.

  43. Hi, you said the immigration only ask for b.certificate when you go back home to ph. How about coming back to malaysia did they ask for anything. My daughthee is now 15months old and i plan to have a vacation on december with her. I got her a ph passport since she is not yet a malaysian citizen. My questiob is do i need to get her visa or anything? Thanks

    1. Since she is holding PH passport, you might need to get a visa for her. But I suggest to inquire directly at the Malaysian Immigration to be sure.

  44. Hi, I am an OFW working in Malaysia. My wife and son already have their respective dependent visas. We are expecting a baby this year and we want to bring the baby in Malaysia since my wife will be giving birth in Philippines. Can you please advise what documents we need to secure aside from passport? Appreciate your immediate response. Thanks in advance.

  45. Hi, just want to inquire about unmarried expatriates getting pregnant thru invitro. will there b a problem with immigration if she goes home at 6 months pregnant?

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