How to get Visit Pass Extension in Malaysia

My sister’s visit pass is due on Feb 28. Since we have decided that she will join our trip back to the Philippines this coming march, we went to Malaysian Immigration yesterday for her visa extension. I was hoping that we could finish the whole process in halfday, but unfortunately halfday was not enough. But thank God we were able to get her extension pass on the same day.

Here’s a short guide on how to apply for a visit pass extension in Malaysia.

  • Go to Visit Pass, Social Visit Pass Division at the Malaysian Immigration in Putrajaya.
  • Fill out the Application Form for Visit Pass Extension. You can get the form at the form counter or you can download it from their website.
  • Furnish a copy of the required documents such as, original and photocopy of your passport, confirmed return ticket, visit pass application form, supporting documents if any, and submit it to the designated officer assigned. You have to pay 100 RM for the visa.

That’s it. You just have to wait until your number gets called, for your payment and for the release. Sounds so easy, the only thing IΒ didn’tΒ like was the long cue; we waited for long hours. So be their early in the morning to avoid the long cue and for quick processing.

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    1. hi tin! I don’t actually know that it’s 50RM / month. In our case, I only extend my sister’s visa for almost 2 weeks and they charge us 100rm…

  1. Hi, were you able to get the pass on the same day? Im actually clueless about how long the social visit pass takes, you might know the answer, no ones seems manning the customer service in Malaysian Immi office number.

    1. hi gara! yes we were able to get the pass on the same day. As far as I know, if you have the 1 month visa upon arrival, you can extend it for 1 month. Please try to check with the malaysian immig….

  2. hi, i badly need your help, im here in KL w/my husband, he has a professional visit pass w/c is valid till dec. 15,2011, i dont have a visit pass yet, so they say that i have to return to manila after a month coz they say that tourist can only stay here for a month, but i wanted to stay with my husband till his project ends by dec. so wha type of visa should i get? should i get a social visit pass? what are the requirements if i would be applying for the first time. actually we have an option to have it thru an agency but with the agencies’ help it would cost us around 1,800+Rm. we cant afford that much. so pls. help.

    thanks πŸ™‚

    1. hi snow! actually you can extend your tourist visa maximum to one month…You can also apply for a three months visa, you can check my post in my travel blog.

  3. hi adminbevz, thanks for your help , but i cant access the site/link you posted, may i know what was the title or the month so i could search it. by the way do you happen to know how many times can we request for extension of visit pass? thanks so much, we’re really clueless here πŸ™‚

    1. i dont know why you cant access it, but i checked the link in my previous comment and its working. Just go to my blog you can see a post in the homepage how to get a 3 months visa in malaysia. I dont really know how many times we can extend our visit pass. So far, I have only tried it once for my sister’s visa…

  4. hi, is the stamp on my passport that states ” permitted to enter and remain in west malaysia for 30days on social visit only from the date shown” is the the social visit pass already? just confused, thanks so much for all your help πŸ™‚

  5. hi,i would like to asked your opinion on extending my daughter’s visit pass because she was born here and she’s still 2 years of age and we are both filipino.last month we went back to philippines for holiday she’s using exit pass thats what the immig officer told us and now she don’t have a return ticket so how can we get an extension pass for her….thanks a lot hope you can help us with this matter..godbless!

    1. hi rio! im not really an expert about this. but my opinion is, your daughter will undergo the normal extension process hence you need a return ticket to process her extension pass.

  6. hi adminbevz, thanks so much, we’ll be going to the embassy this morning, i hope it turns out well, the problem is that there’s a language barrier, they can’t really explain to us the requirements, we shouldn’t be this worried if they had only given us the complete and concrete requirements, thanks so much for ur help, appreciate it. πŸ™‚

    1. hi snow,
      curious lang ako kung anong nangyari sa application mo?
      so you were in KL in august then your husband’s work was until dec 15.. did you apply for the 90-day visa then apply for another month since from august you need 4 months until december, tama ba?
      may reason ba tinatanong sa visa application kung bakit ka magsstay dun ng ganoon katagal? anong nilagay mo?
      hope you could give me inputs kasi i think i could also be having the same scenario.
      me and my baby will possibly be going in malaysia in april 29 since my husband is working there but his visa will be until august or september ata. so gusto magstay kami dun while he is there.
      appreciate your inputs.


  7. hi there, am currently uses visit pass just like your sister. My question is, whats the reason you wrote on the form since I think it would be the main point for this extension application.
    Thanks in advance πŸ™‚

    1. hi nadya! that time we were also schedule to go back to philippines 2 weeks after her scheduled flight…so, the reason we wrote on the form was “will join my sister going back to philippines”

  8. hi adminbevz! i brought my aunt here in malaysia using a 3-month social visit pass from the philippines. now my question is would you know the maximum number of months i can request for extension as she is currently taking care of my baby. your response would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance!

    1. hi, just want to know wat are the req for 3 months visa, we were planning to apply here in philippines. im planning to get one for me and my son. ang sponsor is the father of my son, hes a local there and were not yet married, planning to register there wen we go back. thnks in advance

      1. Hi isay! as far as I remember, you’ll be needing the passport, salary certificate, and bank statement of the sponsor, and the passports of the applicant…but this was for a filipino sponsor, I don’t know the process for locals..:)

  9. pls i want u to help me cos i am coming to malaysia on a 3 month visa and i want to come down there for schooling part time and also work.. Pls how can my visa be extend? Pls email back on my email @ cos i do not always come online on here. Thanks.

    1. Hi adeyemo! just go to visa department office in Putrajaya. Your 3 months visa can be extended up to 2 months. Just inquire at visa department office for more info and for a clearer instruction…

      1. hai,
        Saya orang India,saya sudah 13 tahun kerja disini. Isteri Saya ada datang ke malaysia sudah 30 hari jadi
        kita tidak ada anak sudah 4 tahun,sudah jumpa doctor,doctor kata tinggal di sini 6 bulan untuk treatment (azoospermia) tolong bagi tau macam mana na buat…..

  10. Hi Bevz,

    My girlfriend was given a social visit visa with 30 days entry here in Malaysia. Can we extend that to the government and if yes what do you think is the best reason why we are applying that? Do you perhaps know where in Putrajaya?

    As for your sister, did she got a one month extension visa? I am planning to apply her an extension of 2-3 months. Do you think would that be possible?

    Thank you in advance for your response.


    1. Hi Jagar! yes you can extend the social visit but i think the maximum extension is only 30 days. Go to the visit and social pass section of the immigration department in putrajaya… as for the reason, i am not sure, as for my sister’s case, I just mentioned the true reason for the extension…you can also try to get a 3 months visa for her which can be extended for 2 months read my post about it here

      1. Hi Thank you for your reply Bevz, however that 3 months visa must be applied in the Phillipines right? Or can it be also applied here? Thank you.

        1. It can also be processed in Malaysia, that I don’t know the process since we processed ours at the malaysian embassy in the philippines.

  11. Hi,
    how can i get professional work visa here? i am on visit visa, interview i pass for finance manager. now what that company must give me process my visa?
    your prompt reply shall be highly appriciated since its urgent for me to do.


    1. Hi! as far as I know all work permits and professional visa should be processed by your company or by an agent. I am not 100% sure, it would help if you inquire directly at the immigration department.

  12. Hi,

    I’m going to spend vacation in Malaysia as tourist, and I will stay with my friend who is already there, I just booked a flight and the return flight schedule is exactly the 30th day. Is there an interview before leaving the Philippines? and an interview before entering Malaysia? What requirements I need to assure that they will allow me to enter Malaysia? Do I need invitation letter from my friend? And also I don’t have any visa. Just a passport and ticket that will last 30 days. Is this visit is what you called social visit?

    It’s my first time to travel outside the country. It’s a great help when you reply. Thank you very much.


    1. Hi May! regarding the interviews, it depends on the immigration officer, but yes, they normally ask you questions. They normally ask you for a proof that you will not look for a job in malaysia and that you will come back to ur point of origin. I suggest you bring your company Id if u are still employed. Be sure to convince the IO with your answers. I suggest that you should get an invitation letter from your friend and a copy of their visa in malaysia. It is also important to know their complete address and contact number.

      Visa upon arrival is issue in malaysia and yes, i think its what they called social visit. Good Luck!

  13. Hi Bevz,

    My fiance will visit me here in Malaysia. What do you think is the best answer when immigration officer interview her? Do I need to give her invitation letter?

    Hoping for your reply. Thanks.


  14. hi admin,
    based on your blog for the 90-day visit pass that you applied here in the philippines, may reason ba tinatanong sa visa application kung bakit ka magsstay dun ng ganoon katagal? anong nilagay mo? that was blog very useful and informative.
    hope you could give me inputs kasi i think i could also be having the same scenario.
    me and my baby will possibly be going in malaysia in april 29 since my husband is working there but his visa will be until august or september ata. so gusto magstay kami dun while he is there.
    appreciate your inputs.


    1. Hi Jam! as long as your requirements are complete, wala gaano question sa Malaysian Embassy sa Pinas. If they know nmn na your husband is there, there’s no much questions…
      On our case, they just review the requirements, if there’s missing of course babalik ka, but once complete, just pay the processing fee and you will get your visa with in 3-5 days..

  15. hi

    my fiance is going here in Malaysia this month. He got 90-days social visit pass approved by Malaysian embassy in the Philippines. My question is… is there any chance that the IOs in the Philippines will deny him and cannot go here? PLease advise..

    1. I think no. He already had the visa stamped in his passport. Just supply him supporting docs like your visa and passport.

  16. I would like to inquire about the social visit pass. My boyfriend has come from Tanzania to visit me and initially he was given 30days. The following month, we went to the immigration and got an extension of another 30days and it was no hassle except for the waiting part. Since we wanted to get it extended again, we flew out to singapore and when entering Malaysia he was given another 30days. Its been 3 months and his visa expires on 15th June but we want to get 1 more month of extension. Would it be possible to get it from the immigration office as it is as though he had stepped out of the country and would be applying for an extension from scratch. I would like to inquire if this would work. Thanks πŸ™‚

    1. hi! sorry i cant answer your queries as i dont have a hands on experience of what your asking. I only aplied extension once.

  17. Hi! this blog is very informative and just-in-time for my current dilemma. i’m a Filipina who stays here in KL on a 30-day pass with my husband who has a 3-month permit. I’m also 4 months pregnant and exploring options of giving birth here since i find the birthing facilities really good. would you know if they can issue extended pass for pregnant tourist who would like to avail of their medical facilities here? if so, will a letter from the malaysian doctor be sufficient requirement? thanks in advance for your help!

    1. Hi geng! your 30-days pass can be extended. But with regards to the availment of their medical facilities while under a tourist pass, that i don’t have an idea how it works. πŸ™

  18. Really appreciate if anyone can give me advice. I am holding a Philippine passport. I applied and granted a 3months visa in Malaysia embassy in our country. Upon arrival in Malaysia, the immigration stamp me 90days. Now it is going to end. Is it possible to exit in Thailand and apply again a new 3 months visa to Malaysia. Because going back to my country is to expensive. Thanks a lot.

  19. Hello all. Its very informative site. I have a question. I am in Pakistan and want a job in Malaysia. Many consultants and agents says that, I have to fly to KL on visit visa and they will arrange a work permit there. Its strange for me. According to my knowledge, if we are on visit visa, we have to exit for stamping work permit. Is it right or I can get work permit stamped while i am on visit to malaysia. Thanks

  20. Hi,

    This site is very informative as compared to other websites I have visited earlier. It’s a great help for anyone seeking advice about social visit pass extension. I am currently in Langkawi, Malaysia and my 1-month visa will expire on Aug 19. Taga Pilipinas din ako and I go to Malaysia every other month as my bf has a project here. I need help if I can get visa extension for 3-months as my return ticket is scheduled on Oct 29, 2012? Or, I also have a return ticket on Sept 5. This one I’m sure will be processed because it’s just less than one month. But I need advice if I can apply for 3-month visa extension and is there a possibility that it will be approved? Also, any suggestions on what to say to the IO re my reason for visa extension?

    And, hinahanap ko ung form but can’t find it. Do you have the link where I can download the application for extension of visa pass? And, ano po requirements that I nee to bring besides return ticket and passport?

    Salamat po sa help πŸ™‚

    1. Hi cai! As far as I know 1 month visa can be extended for 1 month only. I dont know if you can extend it up to 3 months. However you can apply for 3months visa and it can be extended up to 2 months.

  21. Hi,
    What would be the starting date of the granted social visit pass extension?
    1) The Day after the Last day of the existing 30 day social pass.
    (This way we get 60 days in total with 1 granted extension, no matter when we apply for extension.)
    2) The day on which we go to immigration office for requesting extension ?
    (current social visit pass’s remaining days are lost)

    Does person, for whom extension request is being submitted , need to come to immigration office personally? or other person (son/daughter) can submit the forms and complete the process ?


    1. Im not sure about it since we only asked for two weeks extnsion. base on the rescheduled flight ticket they granted my sister 15 days extension if counted from the last day of the visit pass expiry and 22 days if counted from the day the extension was granted..if we aply for 1month extension perhaps I could accurately conclude it. Yes the person applying for extension should be present.

  22. Hi bev,

    First of let me say how glad I am to have come upon your very informative blog. As this is exactly the kind of information I’m looking for at the moment.

    You see, I am currently having a work permit in Malaysia and have recently brought my family (spouse and children) along. The problem is my family has been here under a 30-days social visit visa (recently entered back to KL after the Eid Holidays).

    We plan to return back to our country, Indonesia, by the 18th of October. But my family’s current social visit visa will expire on the 21st of September.

    We went to Putrajaya, hoping to extend their visit visa up till the 18th of October. We even came prepared with all the necessary documents required, including return airplane tickets for the 18th of October. However, to my dissapointment, we were sent back home because the cues were too full and they told me that if I wanted to extend their visas to the 18th of October, that I should come apply approx. 2-3 days before their visa expiry date (21-Sept).

    My worries are the following:
    1. What if the visas doesn’t get extended when we come back nearing the expiry date? It’s quite the risk I don’t want to impose on my family. The tickets have already been purchased as it is required for one of the supporting documents.
    2. If it does get extended, would they allow it to be extended until the return trip date (18-Oct)? Even though it requires more than 30-days? (ie. the day they stamp the extension until the departure date)

    After what happened today, I’m worried for the worse when I come back there next time.

    Would appreciate your feedback. Thanks before hand!

    1. Hi! thanks for droppin by my blog. Next time you go to putrajaya better make it early to avoid long ques. My opinion is that;

      1. If it will not be extended before the expiry date, perhaps you can try to exit to the nearest country in order to have another 30 days pass.
      2. This thing is the prerogative of the immigration officer, so I cant answer your question.

      good luck and I hope everything will goes well.

  23. Hi, I am an Indonesian recently graduated from an University in Malaysia.

    I am now currently been applying for jobs in Malaysia and have gone to several interviews so far.. however, I need to go back to Indonesia since my student visa has been cancelled and expired.

    I am flying back to Malaysia next week entering as a tourist with tourist visa for 30 days. I’d like to extend it so that I could stay longer in Malaysia while I am applying as well as waiting for the job reply.

    I am wondering what reason should I give to the immigration? would reason “I am waiting for another interview with company in Malaysia” be acceptable? do I have to have a confirmed return ticket and bank account slip to apply? is this visa extension applied in Putrajaya Immigration office?

    Thank you

    1. Hi! yes you need to have a confirmed return ticket to apply for extension, as per my experience, bank account is not needed and yes, you should apply at Putrajaya Immigration office. As with the reason of extension, it is actually the prerogative of the officer to grant the visa extension, so I wouldn’t know their basis as to what reason is acceptable or not. Good luck!

  24. Hi,
    My friend from Nepal obtained a social visa from Singapore but only 14 days. Now I’d like to help him to extend his visa for another 14 days.
    I’ve called to Imigration and they told me that his visa can not be extended bcoz it’s issued in Singapore. Why the Social visa issued in Singapore can not be extended?
    Should he try just go to putrajaya to apply and try his luck?

    Thank you

    1. I don’t really have an idea why it cannot be extended. It’s still the prerogative of the immigration officer of which I cannot answer your question. Yes I think he should try to apply in putrajaya.

  25. what requirements do i need if i visit malaysia for leisure only, and visiting my friends there? can you help me admin…im from philipines.. thank you…

    1. It only requires your passport and airline ticket ofcourse. Visit Pass for 30 days will be given upon arrival in Malaysia.

      1. i dont need any invitation letter from my friend in malaysia, coz they say they ask me an invitation letter???? and the bank statement of course….or a place where i stay in malaysia? did the immigration ask me that requirements?
        please help..thank you

        1. It is not really a requirement, but know how strict our immigration, those documents will help. So it would be better if you can have those document you mentioned…

  26. Can I take my baby in Malaysia?nandun kc yUng papa Niya at isa syang Nepalese ?hndi ba q questionin ng immigration dto sa pilipinas?tnx po..anu po ba mga kelangan qng dalhin na documents..

          1. Pwd q na po ba byahe anak Q 2 months plang po xa..d po ba mhigpit immigration sa mga bata?

  27. Hi adminbevs,dito po ako sa Malaysia nanganak now my baby is 3yrs old,kinuhaan kopo say ng passport last month lang Kasi po balak namin umuwi ng pinas,Dapat po bang dalhin ko pa sa immigration para ipa endorse at wala po ba maging problema,ang visa kopo eh tourist Lang.anu po kaya ang dapat kong gawin.salamat po

    1. Hi Jenskie! Sorry ha I canot answer your question. But to give you an idea, nung first time na umuwi anak ko sa pinas the immig officer was asking for his visa. Pero 4 months lng sya at that time so no need for the visa kc parang pwede under sya sa visa namin ni hubby. I think until 2 years old pwede walang visa ung baby as long as the parents have valid visas and you have all supporting docs that the child was born in Malaysia.

  28. hello po.. i am currently here in KL under social visit pass which will end on the 30th Jan. I’m waiting for my work pass to be released soon pero mukang mauuna mag expire yung social visit ko bago pa ma release yung work pass. Pano ko po kaya ma eextend yung social visit pass ko while waiting for the work pass to be released? me ganito po bang case? thanks a lot πŸ™‚

    1. Hi! you can go to putrajaya and apply for the extension, bring all the necessary requirements, I guess I have mentioned it here in this post. Or, you can exit din, before the expiry ng visit pass mo, upon re-enter to Malaysia you’ll have another 30 days, but this is risky kc mahigpit minsan immigration.

  29. aww.. kinabahan naman ako dun.. plan ko sana mag exit s Singapore this Fri. tas balik ako ng Mon. rather than to extend.. kso kelangan ko ng return ticket if ever mag enter ulet ako ng KL s Mon. Pwede naman ako mag pa book na ng return ticket and I can use it on Feb. kaya lang makakapasok kaya ako ng walang hassle if ever nag exit ako or I rather extend na lang? salamat ng madami.

    1. that we don’t know, kc prerogative pa rin ng immig officer kung papasukin ka uli or hindi…sabi nga nila swertihan lng din…

  30. Hi Laney,

    Musta na? Nakapag extend ka ba ng visa mo? Are you starting na sa work mo?


    My concern is, I have a ticket itinery to Malaysia on March 8 – April 8. Okay lang ba un? I mean kasi masyadong sagad ung 30 days ng itinerary na kinuha ko? Okay lang po ba un or baka maging reason to para ma deny ako sa immi? Pls help me naman po.. Thanks a lot.

    1. sis, it’s the prerogative kc ng immig officer if papayagan ka kya i can’t give you a concrete answer. Sa mga naririnig ko na kwento, mejo risky nga pag ganyang 1 month on tourist visa.

      1. Ganun ba? Hmm.. Kinakabahan naman ako. Eto pa pala tanong ko sis. Kasi ung nag invite sa kin friend ko lang. So nasa invitation letter ko relationship namin is friend. Okay lang ba un or does it matter ba?

        1. Mas safe siguro sis if family or relative mo ang sponsor, but anyway mas okay na ung may invitation letter kesa wala just have all his visa related docs with u.

          1. Hi inquire ko lang kasi po i stayed in KL for 30 days then nabigyan ako ng extension visit pass for 14 days, now i am here in Bangkok. I am planning to go back to KL on March 14 (Nag exit ako March 4) meron kasi ako confirmed ticket from KL to Moroco. My question is ilang days bago ako pwede makabalik sa KL by plane? Please let me know the valid number of days required ng Malaysia. (Just like in Singapore atleast 5 days bago ka makabalik ng SG). Thanks a lot!

          2. Hi! sorry I don’t know exactly kung meron bang ganyang requirements ang Malaysian immigration.

  31. My GF is Filipinas and her 30 days entry is going to expired next week. I need helps to get her stay here longer…which is the most convenient way and how to do it? what are the requirement?


    1. Hi Arvee.

      Kahit ilang days lng ata. Friend ko nga nag exit to sg, lunch lng siya dun bumalik agad siya KL Tapos may 30 says extension pa.

  32. Hi,

    I am Indian citizen and working here from last 3 years with valid EP, i have expected my baby in July, so i am calling my Mother-In-Law for caring my wife and Baby for at least 3 month, can we apply social visit pass for 3 month stay in Malaysia? please share me procedure, how to apply and what document need to required for process.


  33. Hi!

    Thanks for keeping this thread alive! I am going to the immigration office in PJ to get Social Pass extended for my mom, for health reason (back pain which requires bed rest.)

    I spoke to immigration office twice. One person told me the office is in Precinct 2, and another told me it’s in Precinct 15 (didn’t give me the street address). Could anyone confirm where should I go to get Social pass extended?

    Another question is if my mom is extending the Social Pass due to illness, does she have to visit the office or can I apply on her behalf?


    1. I cannot recall the number or precinct, but surely you have to go to the Visit Pass / Social Visit Pass Division at the Malaysian Immigration in Putrajaya.

  34. Hi,
    I was trying to locate your blog about 3 month social pass application in Malaysia but I could not find it. Could you please reply back with the direct link? My mom is visiting and I am unsure how I can apply a 3 month long social pass for her.

    Thanks and appreciate your time.

  35. Hi,

    I would be great if someone can guide me on whether 30 day extension can be sought from immigration office in KL (KDN complex Sri Hartamas). As i was told that they are giving just 10 days extension and for 30 day you need to go to Putrajaya but previously i know people who got 30 days extension. Can someone confirm?


  36. Hi . I have a 90 days chop in my passport when come here, can i extend for another 90 days in putrajaya,, im a filipino citizen. Thanks

  37. Hi Can my daugther (1yr old) can enter Malaysia without return flight na ako un kasama? THen apply ko na lang sya dito ng extension?

  38. Hi, magandang araw sayo admin, My working visa already expired last January 30. 2016. para maclear ko tax ko nag exit ako sa singapore then binigyan ako ng 30 days on social visa which will expire Feb 29 2016.. ang challenge ko po ngayon ay sa March 3 pa mari release tax clearance ko then saka lang ako irirelease ng companya ko… ano pa ang mas maiging gawin….. Ang magpa extend na lang ng another 30days soc visa sa Putrajaya or ma exit ulit ako sa singapore?
    Ayaw ko rin po kasing umalis ng bansa (malaysia) kasi may lilipatan akong bagong trabaho dito.
    Please advise po…

  39. My friend from China has a single entry 30 days Malaysian visa, and plans to extend her stay in Malaysia, Penang to be exact. What are the ways to do it?

  40. Hi,

    Good day!

    I am just confused, I tried to search the location of the immigration office. Most pointed to Putrajaya and some also said that it can also be done in Sri Hartamas (from other site). Can anyone kindly share which one is correct? Appreciate if you can share the exact address and some info on how to get there. We are planning to go this week to apply extension pass for my wife and our child.
    Pinoy po kami and we are hoping na makakuha ng extension.

    Thank you so much!

    1. Not sure po if you can process visa extension in Sri Hartamas. We go to Putrajaya for visa extension, while we were able to process my son’s birth cert at Sri hartamas. For instruction going to putrajaya, we took the airport train and alight at putrajaya station, then took a cab going to immigration.

  41. My maid visa expired 5 May .I notice the expiry date on 12 June.May I know the process and the charges incurred

  42. Hello,

    Nagapply po ako sa Philippines ng 3 month visa to accompany my husband studying in Malaysia. Granted naman po andito na ako but then gusto ko po maextend for 2 months, my question is, kailangan pa rin po ba ng sponsor letter for extension?

    Hoping for a response. God bless!

    1. Hi! That time, when we apply for the extension visa, letter from the sponsor was not required po. I advice that you inquire directly sa Malaysian Immigration.

  43. Hi , I have problem with my wife pass. We are getting marry in Malaysia but my wife visitor pass not enough time .Can I extend the passport pass

  44. Hello,

    I’m a filipino din po, tatanong ko sana if how reliable na makaextend po ng 2 months pag nagapply ng 3 month visa? Is it one time ibibigay yong 60 days or 30 muna tapos apply ulit for 30 again? And kailan po magapply ng extension how many days bago pupunta sa immigration para magapply? Hoping po for a response coz my visa will expired last week of this month. Thank you. God bless!

    1. Hi! Sorry I can’t answer your question with regards to granting 2 months extension. This is a prerogative of the immigration officer and will also be base on their policy. As of today, this post is already 6 years, so better to inquire directly at the immigration to get first hand information, as their might be update with their policy. With regards to when are you going to apply for extension, it’s always to good start early, don’t wait till the last day of your visa para you still have time just incase magkaproblema (hopefully not) sa immig.

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