Cutting Baby’s Fingernails

My Baby Z is turning 3 months this coming march 3 and I thought of cutting his fingernails to keep his hands mittens free. I have noticed that he is frequently sucking his mittens; I think it’s about time that he learns to suck his thumb. Aside from milk, I think sucking is one of their satisfactions at this stage. I bought a baby nail cutter last week but I haven’t cut his fingernails yet. I am not yet ready to cut his fingernails. They are just so tiny and I worry of clipping more than just a nails. And so I did further research on how to cut baby’s finger nail to slake the apprehension inside me.

Tips on cutting baby’s fingernails

  1. Make sure that you and your baby is on a safe and secure position.
  2. Hold your baby’s hand. Take his finger and softly press down the skin on his finger tips to create a gap between the nail and the finger.
  3. Carefully insert the nail cutter to the small gap between the nail and the finger. Make sure that the entire nail is in the nail cutter. Before pressing the nail cutter, make sure that there is no skin inside the cutter. Never, never press the cutter unless you are sure that there is no skin inside the cutter.
  4. Ensure that the baby does not move to avoid accidents. It is better to do the cutting when the baby is sleeping to avoid movements. Just do the process gently to avoid disturbing baby’s sleep.

I think, I just need to carefully follow the steps, and I am sure I will not go wrong. For me it’s just take courage to do this and a bunch of baby care. I hope to do this right this coming weekend.

2 thoughts on “Cutting Baby’s Fingernails

  1. Hello Mommy..arrived here through adgitize btw.. I also have a 4 month old baby and I admit, it really takes a lot of courage to cut a baby’s fingernails especially for the first time. The first cut of her nails though was done by my sister who is a mom also. I only got to cut her nails at around 3 mos. Good luck mommy and hope to read more of your posts. 🙂

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