How to Add a Custom Header in WordPress Theme

When I move from Blogger to WordPress, I was having a hard time poking my blog’s appearance. I thought wordpress platform is not user friendly. unfortunately, whining won’t help me so took time to familiarize its features. I was then able to tweak my blog’s appearance slightly. One of them was changing the custom header on my purple pastel theme created by Mel Pedley.

So, how do you change your custom header?

First thing first, log in to your wordpress account. On your dashboard, select Themes under Appearance tab. To select which theme you would like to install to your blog, choose Install theme. You have different option to search for a theme. Either by keyword, author or tag. Or you can either choose between the featured, newest and recently updated themes. Or, if you have a custom theme, just choose upload to upload your custom theme.

Once you have chosen a theme for your blog, install and activate the theme.

Now, for you to customize your header, just select header under the appearance tab on your dashboard. Important note: Choose a theme that supports custom header option to be able to customize the header. Upload your custom header by clicking the browse button and upload button. If you have your blog title included in your custom header, select No on display text under header text, then hit save changes.

Now view your blog, and you are done.

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