Sisterhood Day Out

I had a chance going out with my sister last weekend after I clinched work related matters at the office. As we all know when girls go out, topping the list to visit is the mall either to dine, window shop or for a real shopping. We are glad coz we were just on time for a window shopping. I didn’t know that its weekend sale at megamall. Oh yes, it was last week of the month that’s why they’re having a sale. So, after having our sumptuous lunch, the supposedly window shopping turned to a real shopping. We both adore bags, so it was the first section that we checked. Huray! An amazing seventy percent discount on some designer’s bag. It’s another chance for us to add a new piece in our bag’s closet. And so we grab our pieces of hand bags according to our taste. I got a great deal on a brown leather designer’s hand bag. I got it for only 50RM. While my sister grabs a weekender travel bag for her next trip to the Philippines.

While were heading to another shop, my sister saw this medical uniform store. By chance she went inside to look for a scrub for nurses. Unluckily they are out of stock. Instead, she just went to check the prizes of lab coat for women.

We had a great time shopping last week; hopefully we’ve got the chance to do this again. It’s our way of bonding since we don’t get to see each other everyday.

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