Traveling with Infant

I always thought that traveling with infant is stressful. But our first travel experience with our little one is the opposite of what I thought. Through out the travel time, he’s been behaving very well, giving us comfort and worry free travel.
As long as you are prepared to travel with your infant, I’m sure you will have a comfortable and worry free travel experience.
Here are some tips when flying with an infant. Take note that most airlines required atleast 2 weeks old baby to get onboard. Other’s allowed 1 week old with doctors permission.

1. As much as you can, choose a day flight over a night flight. For me, it’s more     comfortable to travel when you have enough sleep before and during the flight. Travelling at night is sleepless for me since I can’t have a good sleep during the flight.
2. Make sure that your baby’s travelling bag is ready for travel. Ensure that baby’s basic needs are onboard his travelling bag such as milk, water, bottles, wipes, nappies, pacifier, towels, extra clothes, sweater and other stuff that is necessary to your baby.
3. Don’t travel alone with kids or an infant. Atleast have someone to assist you.
4. Listen to your baby’s need. Give him enough milk to avoid tantrums, and let him sleep after feeding or if needed.
5. Strollers or sling may help you lessen the pressure of carrying the baby.
6. The pressure during take off and landing may cause discomfort to your baby’s ear. In that case, give him something to drink to lessen the discomfort.
7. Bring pillows for your baby’s comfort.

So, hope this will help. Have a safe flight with your baby.

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  1. hello momsicle? Good day to you! thanks for the tips! Anyway, sorry for late drop here in your page! i was too busy with our thesis this past days! GOD BLESS!

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