Officially a SAHM (Stay at Home Mom)

Yesterday was my last day at the office and today, I am officially a Stay at Home Mom. Since baby Z’s arrival, this has been my ultimate dream and I’m glad that I’m slowly making it happen. I think it is more fulfilling if I personally take care of my baby rather than giving him under the care of a nanny. For the meantime, being a SAHM is temporary since I am seriously planning of becoming a WAHM (Work at Home Mom). I just hope I could get freelance job being an architect and a self claimed blogger. This will enable me to help hubby with our expenses. So, if by chance an advertiser is reading this post, I am actually looking forward for more online job so please don’t hesitate to contact me. LOL. See you online guys!

5 thoughts on “Officially a SAHM (Stay at Home Mom)

  1. you could never be wrong choosing to look after your child. just like you, i also gave up work for my child. enjoy and hope you could also find work online. 🙂

  2. That is a noble decision… there will be times its frustrating but the reward of your child’s smiles, hugs,and the way he will be growing up with the values you teach, its incomparable. Congrats!

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