Baby Z’s Fourth Month with GrandMa

Baby Z is celebrating his fourth month birthday today without mom and dad. We flew to Kuala Lumpur without him. Hopefully I will be reunited with my son this coming Tuesday after settling all matters that is related with my resignation. I am now officially a SAHM.

Since this is baby Z’s first time in Manila, for sure my inlaws will be celebrating my son’s fourth month with gladness and delicious foodies. How I wish we are there to celebrate with them and witness baby Z’s milestone.

Now, I have come to fully understand the hardships and sacrifices of an OFW Mom.
I’ve been away with my son for only two weeks and I am doomed in loneliness already. How much more those moms who left their kids for more than a year or two for a work overseas? I just can’t afford to live a life without my kid. I hope and pray, that our family will not face that point.

I am so excited to be with baby Z in two days time. However I am sad, leaving my hubby in Kuala Lumpur. I hope baby Z and I will be back to Kuala Lumpur in two months time to be reunited with his dad again.

2 thoughts on “Baby Z’s Fourth Month with GrandMa

  1. Wow, that’s nice to know you are traveling sis. That’s alright, as long as your son is in good hands. Hope your family get reunited soon. Visiting here because you are in my adgitize hop list. 🙂

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