Baby Z loves Avent

My son has been using Avent feeding bottles and I never thought that he will like it so much. As he grows he likes to suck his thumb and sometimes his whole hands as long as it fits his mouth. To avoid it, we bought a local brand pacifier which he actually doesn’t like. We stumble upon it and he was eventually overwhelmed with his thumb sucking and so we bought another pacifier for him. This time we opted for pegion brand which is cheaper than Avent for us to save some money. And just like his first pacifier he doesn’t appreciate it much and he still choose to suck his thumb rather than the pacifier. After a month, we have then decided to buy an Avent pacifier for him. Our thoughts of saving a penny didn’t work. LoL. And I was not surprise at all. I knew he will like it; finally no more thumb sucking, he eventually learns to pacify himself with his new pacifier from Avent. He simply chooses the best. He will scream once you take off the pacifier from him. At his early age, he seems to be soo picky already and I hope he will not get use to it.

Anyways, Avent is Bisphenol A (BPA) free, so choosing it as your baby’s feeding bottle is worth the cost. BPA is a chemical used primarily in the production of polycarbonate plastics and epoxy resins. Polycarbonate plastic has been used for baby bottles as well as water bottles, medical devices, sports equipment, etc. because it is less likely to crack or shatter, which can lead to injuries.

So, is your feeding bottle BPA free? You may want to check it and google more about BPA for more info. Do not risk your child’s health, avoid bottles containing BPA.

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