Old School Friends

They said, high school is the most exciting stage of our life and after so many years, I’m glad that I had a chance to meet the people who made my high school days as exciting as yours. Last Sunday, I had a friendly date with my highschool buddies, dinda, marjune and riza. It’s been a long time that we haven’t catch up with each other that’s why it was a long day of chitchatting with them. I was so glad hearing each other’s story; our different journey after our highschool days. After hearing each other stories, I noticed that we do have something in common; truly we are still looking young and beautiful after a long time.

This meet up has opened a mini reunion for our batch. Mini, in the sense that only few of our batchmates are here in manila, others are either in our province or abroad and on that note a complete attendance is impossible. But I am still hoping to see old faces from high school and would be very glad to hear from them. I am really excited for this upcoming reunion. See you soon guys!

from left to right: marjune, riza, dinda and me

4 thoughts on “Old School Friends

  1. wow…am happy to see you guys here. buti pa kau nagkita kita na. mejo d ako makakadalo august pa kasi uwi ko…goodluck nalng and enjoy batch..

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