Learning Motherhood

While pushing hard, I heard my husband’s whisper on my ear “he is born! He is born!” And there he was, under the care of a paediatrician. That was the first time I saw my little one. While he was being attended by the paediatrician, I was screaming in pain while undergoing an episiotomy procedure. While I was enduring the pain of every stitch, the midwife handed over my baby to me. And that was the first time I met baby Z. It was tears of joy that rolled over my face when I first met him and while he was in my arms. I can’t forget the beautiful, angelic and fragile face looking at me. Seeing him was really worth all the pain and truly one of the joyous moments for me and husband.

I was emotionally prefer of becoming a mother, so it did not took a long time for me to comprehend that I am now a mother. With five months of being a mom, I definitely love the feeling and the experience. I know it is still a very long journey for me. I know there is more of just being a live and walking milk provider, nappy changer and a drool wiper. Motherhood is a never ending story and I know the responsibility of being a mother is never easy, but with the guidance of our parents and the help of my husband, I am slowly muddling through the changes of becoming a first time mom and continuously learning every inch of being a mother. Motherhood is slowly changing me and my priorities. It brings a new perspective in me.

On the other hand, being a home maker is not easy for someone who’s starting a family. I find it hard being a mom and at the same time a home maker. Being a first time mom, my focus and priority is my baby, and so I leave almost all the housework to our reliable and ever diligent house help.

I am still in the learning process, and I know it would be long way to run. I am optimistic, and so I am giving more room for this life’s learning lessons. That is why I do believe that time will come; I will be able to do them both. So help me God.

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