Baby Z’s 5th Month


Our little one is growing fast. He just turned five months today. I took time to cook something for our little one’s small and simple celebration. So far he’s been doing so well, except for the colds and cough that he got for almost a week now. For memories sake, I took his fifth month portrait. Thanks to my sister and my cousins for helping me with the DIY studio set up.

Here are baby z’s developments on his fifth month;

  • Even before turning five months, he can already lie on his stomach and now he is preparing to crawl.
  • He started reaching for objects.
  • Early on his fourth month, he learned how to hold his feeding bottle, now he can recognize when it’s milk time as he gets super excited to hold his bottle and knows where to place it. LOL.
  • He rolls around while sleeping and most of the time sleeps either on his side or stomach.
  • He is now learning to stand on his feet with our support.
  • He sucks his hands more often.
  • And he is continuously developing his baby talks.

So glad with all this milestones, but felt sad for the absence of his dad. This is the sad part of being an OFW family; I know he will be missing more of his son’s milestones but I do hope that he would be able to witness more of his son’s developments.

Happy Fifth Month Baby Z!

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