Make your Momma Proud

This Mother’s day, he’s gonna wear this shirt again. So cute and I’m so proud; so proud to be his mom. The shirt was a present of his aunt jane and it comes with a pair of shirt that says ” I love Dad”. I soo love this pair, thank you Jane for the wonderful gift.  

Im a first time mom and this will be my first mother’s day experience. Unlike other first time mom, I am not so excited about it, because I will be celebrating it alone since hubby is not around. This is the first occasion that I will be celebrating alone. My heart is screaming for hubby’s presence this coming Sunday but unfortunately it is impossible. Perhaps I will be having a cyber mother’s day celebration with my sweetheart. LOL. He might be wearing the same shirt on Sunday. Oh yes, that’s right, the shirt is not just for kids, you might want to check your favourite store for your sister or big brother shirts. Surely your mom will love it once she saw her kids are wearing the “I love Mum” shirt. Isn’t it sweet?

If you are still mulling for a creative surprise for your mom this Mother’s Day, I think you should grab this shirt and show your mom that you care.

Happy Mother’s Day to All Moms!!

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