Still the Champion

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While typhoon bebeng hits the southern part of Luzon and eastern part of visayas, Manny Pacquiao and Shane Mosley were in action at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas. Pacquiao won by unanimous decision over Shane Mosley and once again he has proven that he is still the world’s greatest fighter and retained his WBO welterweight title.

Mosley having the height and body advantage over Pacquiao is a great opponent. While Pacquiao who is 9 years younger than Mosley made him powerful than mosley. And it was proven, when he knocked down mosley at third round and eventually beats him via unanimous decision. However, Pacman falls during the tenth round, which made him more aggressive and confident at the ring, throwing combination punches to the evasive Mosley. It was believed that it was a push and not punch that turned Pacman down. After watching the replay, referee Bayless then admits that he made a mistake when he gives pacman a count.

I am not really a big fan, but I get to watch almost all of his fights. This fight was not really exciting compared to his last fight with Margarito. Mosley made the fight boring when he keeps on avoiding Pacman after his knocked down. Pacquiao even admits that he was not able to give his best shot in this fight.

With this victory, he just proved that he is still the great fighter in the world and still the champion in world boxing and in the heart of his countrymen. You are truly a pride of every Filipino. Congratulation Manny!

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  1. manny for money! saya! just hopping by…btw, i’m grabbing the milk code, nalalakihan na ako dun sa gawa ko hehehe. thanks in advance:)

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