Hammock and Baby Z

During Baby Z’s first three months in KL, hubby and I want to have a hammock at home for our little one. But we don’t know where to place it since we are not allowed to drill a hole in the condo we are staying.

When we went back to manila, I know we will be able to provide a hammock for baby Z. And just before he turns six months, he’s got his first hammock ride experience. Looks like he loves it coz he’s got longer sleep than before. It took us almost two months to finally set up a hammock at home. I was actually hesitant to do so, since I don’t know how to set it up safely. But thanks to my sister and cousin jepoy as well as mira for helping me choose the right place and for the secured set up of baby z’s hammock.In the middle of our living area there lies our little one’s hammock. For safety, we have drilled a metal screw with a tucks on a concrete wall while the other wing of the hammock is safely tied on our window grills.

A hammock is quoted as baby’s nest. In our country it is widely use for babies sleeping comfort. It allows the baby to feel a womb-like comfort which he need for his emotional development on his early months. The side to side swing of a hammock is almost the same movement the baby can feel while she was still cushioned in an amniotic fluid inside our womb.

There are have been negative feedbacks spreading in using a hammock. Some of you might heard it already. And as a mom, I should say that we should carefully examine its advantage and disadvantage before using anything for our baby. I don’t see any downside in using a hammock as long as you use it properly.

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  1. Hi! Your baby looks so satisfied and enjoying the hammock. Sometimes, traditional things are still the best!

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