Goodbye Breast Feeding

Since I gave birth to our little one, I have been feeding him breast milk. I choice to give him breast milk over formula milk because of its complete nutrition that is essential in baby’s development. It is a unique nutritional source that cannot be replace by any other food or formula milk.

For more than a month I have been feeding him breast milk alone. I only give him formula milk when he gets hungry during our check up. I was quite hesitant to do breastfeeding on public places, as most areas don’t have a breastfeeding room. Just before he turns two months, I formally introduced him to infant formula. I feed him 60ml of infant formula once a day. It was because he seems not satisfy with breast milk alone. We started 60ml then eventually his demands increased. On his fourth month I was giving him 120ml and when he turned five months I’m giving him 180ml every four hours.

On his fourth month, he started to like the formula milk over breast milk. He was not satisfied with breast milk alone that is why after every breastfeeding, formula milk should follow. And eventually on his fifth month his breast milk intake decreased. He showed no contentment with my milk. I still continue to breastfeed, but he will only take my milk for five minutes then he will cry.

So, is it a sign to stop breast feeding? I think so. As much as I want to breastfeed, I can’t do force baby Z to take it if he don’t like it anymore. For almost a week now, I have stop breastfeeding. He is satisfied with his formula milk and I hope it will give him good nutrition.

Next month, we will start introducing him to solid food. He will be turning six months this coming June 3 and looking forward to see him finally sit down by himself.

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