Baby Z’s sixth month

Picture was taken by your's truly with my usual diy studio.

From 6.7kg last month to 7.6kg today, Baby Z is definitely growing.  He is now exactly six months old. For us, this month is the most awaited time. Why? Because we are all excited to see his first milk teeth grow and morethan excited to feed him solid food. Unfortunately, there weren’t any milk teeth yet and I was not able to feed him solid food due to the broncatis that he got today. However, even before he turns six months, he is now able to sit down with minimal support and getting bubblier everyday and continually learning to crawl and stand on his own. In addition, on his sixth month, our little one learned to do some acrobatic moves as he sucks the fingers of his feet. He is also starting to recognize and play along with people, and Every day, he’s just becoming more adorable.

These were just few of his achievements and really love to see more as he grows.  Happy 6th month baby Z!

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