What causes Bronchitis and how to avoid it?

What I thought a mild cough turns out to be bronchitis. Thank God I was able to brought baby Z to the doctor before it gets severe. He’s better now after six days of nebulizing plus an antibiotic prescribed by his pedia.

So, what really causes Bronchitis?

Firstly, bronchitis is an inflammation in the bronchial tube where air passes into the lungs. Normally, it is caused by a virus infection such as influenza A and B which is the most common cause of bronchitis. It is also caused by bacteria known as Mycoplasma pneumoniae, and or inhalation of dust or chemical pollutants.  When the cells of our bronchial lining gets irritated, the cilia which are the tiny hairs in the bronchial lining stop functioning that makes air passage clogged which develop mucus that causes one of the characteristic of bronchitis which is coughing.

There are two types of bronchitis, acute bronchitis which may begin without any infection but accompanied with flu. The other one is chronic bronchitis is a heavy secretion of mucus in the bronchi.

So, how can we avoid Bronchitis?

Keep your surroundings clean especially at home and avoid inhalation of chemical pollutants, frequent hand washing, adequate sleep and a good nutrition will help you prevent bronchitis. Once infected, it can be treated by a cough medicine along with a bed rest, drinking plenty of water and staying indoor during a cold weather. If your baby’s nose is congested, drop 2-3 drops of a saline solution to his nostril. Remember to keep him away from second hand smoke no matter how healthy your child is.

2 thoughts on “What causes Bronchitis and how to avoid it?

  1. Hi sis, yung cough ba niya palagi? o paminsan minsan lang… kc sa akin e bihira kong marinig… nakanganga kasi pag natutulog e =)

  2. Yeah, I remember my frequent trips to my daughter’s pediatrician everytime something does not seem right about her. The slightest cough, I’m right there -at the doctor’s clinic. She says it’s fairly common for first-time moms like me to react the way that I did (and still do!). But as always, my take on this is…better be safe than sorry. I don’t ever want my daughter to get bronchitis because I took her cough for granted.

    Thanks for the tips!

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