Gerber over Cerelac

Recently I have introduced our little one to solid food. And while everybody at home was excited to see him eat solid, we were quite disappointed when he doesn’t like the taste of cerelac. I tried giving him three to four times but he is throwing it out. After a week, I tried giving him gerber and yes, he likes it. Just like cerelac, I started giving him banana flavor. Does it mean that gerber is yummier than cerelac? I haven’t taste them both but I remember I am a cerelac baby way back my infant days.

Currently I am giving him moderate amount first until he get used to solid food. Gerber is an organic product so I bet, it is better than cerelac.

8 thoughts on “Gerber over Cerelac

  1. I gave my 5-month-old son Cerelac as his first solid food. He likes it so much. I have also given him crushed fruits like mango, banana, and avocado in addition to Cerelac. I preferred the crushed over the pureed ones so he will have time to chew which can develop his chewing ability much earlier. I’m going to introduce meat foods in his diet when reaches 6 or 7 months old.

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