The Joy of Going Home

Big Smiles! That’s what I get from my six months little boy when I arrived home from a busy day at the office. It relieves the stress from work.

Now I know exactly how it feels going home to a house where your kid is waiting. I was used to only hear the stories about it, but now, I am one of those proud parents who tell stories about the joy of going home.

For a first time mom like me, it is really something I get excited for everyday. I wish we have shorter office hours so I could go home early everyday and be with my little prince. Seeing those big big smiles really relieves the stress and forgets about the bad day at the office. It is so far the best going home experience I have in my life. I will always be excited to go home and will always look forward of going home where he could greet me with a kiss. That would be so sweat. I’ll see you later baby Z!

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