The Fall

Seven months old baby Z just fell off of the bed this afternoon. I tried to calm myself at work when I learned about it; it happened 30 minutes before our working hour’s ends. I did not saw how it happened; even the nanny didn’t saw it as well. He was sleeping in our bed and his nanny went to the toilet to pee, suddenly she heard our little one crying and when she came back to the room baby Z was on the floor crying. According to our nanny, she didn’t know what to do after she picked up baby Z from the floor, she just find herself crying.

Baby Z with his red nose

Baby Z got bump on his head and bruises on his nose. But he is fine as if nothing happened. Had I been taking care of him that time, I too would not know what to do. Hubby did a research on what to do after the fall. Since I get home earlier than him, he told me to keep him awake for two hours after the fall and observe him closely. He also told me to check her arms and legs for mobility. And It is such a relief that I didn’t see any signs that he is hurt. He is definitely doing fine after the fall. The only thing I am worried about is his head; since it looks like that it’s the head that first hit the floor. And what a relief again, I was reading an article that says as long as he did not vomit, he will be fine. Thanks goodness. We might see his peadia one of this days but I know he will be fine in God’s Grace.

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  1. Oh no! I’m glad he’s ok now. But you still need to monitor him for the next 24 hours. Check for unusual drowsiness, swelling on the head, nausea, vomiting, and other unusual behavior. I was also at a loss (and really panicky!) when my daughter fell from her playpen a couple of years ago. I took her to the emergency room just to make sure that she’s ok. The doctors there assured me that she seemed fine and sent us home with a list of things to monitor for the rest of the day.

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