Girls Talk: Birthday Wish

Its still four months to go until my birthday and as early as now I already have something in mind to wish for on my birthday.  After two years of service, my Hp Pavilion Laptop retiered. I’ve been borrowing hubby’s laptop for several months now.

And so, my birthday wish is a Dell Inspiron 14R with an Intel core i3 processor and 4gb memory. I have been eyeing this laptop and I really wish I could have it on my birthday or even months after my birthday. I really need this for my home base job. I wish I could have enough savings or at least hubby will sponsor for it. LOL…I wish he will and that would be an additional birthday wish.

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6 thoughts on “Girls Talk: Birthday Wish

  1. Why do so many GT ladies wish for a gadget? Mind connection, or? 😀 I think women are even crazier over gadgets than men these days, hahaha 😀

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