Sleeping Routine Challenge

I’m almost on my second week in establishing a bedtime routine for my little one. We usually rock him to sleep and I don’t want to keep it that way since its hard for me coz he is growing fast and getting heavier everyday.

And so, to begin with, I said no to rocking baby Z to sleep last week. I have also talked to him about that and it seems that he understand what I have told him as he is responding positively. The routine I’m trying to establish is probably a common way. Perhaps a lot of mommies have been doing the same routine. I start with giving him a sponge bath before going to bed regardless of the dirt and dress him up for the sleep. Then I let him lie on the bed, and usually he does his crawling and rolling rounds. It would take 10 – 20 minutes depending on his mood. And when he gets tired he will cry. And that’s the time that I will give him something to sooth him, normally a bottle of milk and later water. And when he is done, he will throw the bottle and will lie on his side and will close his eyes…and there he was…asleep.

I’m glad for his positive respond with this challenge. Though there may be time that he throws tantrums and eventually the routine will be set aside for I have to rock him to sleep again. I wish to establish the routine before he reaches eight month. And I hope it will be successful.

Bed time routine is a helpful way for your baby to sleep on his own. As soon as he is born, it is best to train him to sleep on his own and it will definitely lessen your anxiety of bringing him to sleep. There are a lot of books out there that talks about sleeping habit or routine which can be your guide in establishing a sleeping routine for your baby.

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