Is Your Cleanser Safe Enough for your Baby?

Baby Z, is on the stage where he put everything on his mouth. Whatever he grabs, it will surely land to his mouth. And as a parent you can be paranoid thinking of all the germs that he can get in contact. I believe every parent don’t wanna let those germs penetrate there precious little ones.

So, apart from cleaning his bottles and nipples, we are also cleaning his toys every now and then. Thank goodness there is Cradle bottle and nipple cleanser. It’s a is mild cleanser especially made for babies and very effective in removing tough milk and food residue and foul odors from feeding bottles, bottle nipples, trainer cups and dishes. You can also use it in cleansing your baby’s toys and pacifier and even use it in washing fruits and vegetables.

It’s antibacterial and non toxic cleanser and power enough to get rid of germs and bacteria. It has no synthetic fragrance and preservatives and no harsh chemicals, alcohol free and soap free therefore it is very safe for your baby.

Remember that, ordinary dish washing cleanser may have harmful chemicals that are not safe for baby. And even with thorough cleansing, ordinary cleanser might leave the chemicals on baby’s bottles or toys. So better be safe than sorry. I encourage every mom to use cleanser especially made for babies. Cradle bottle cleanser retail price is 285PHP for 700ml bottle and 239PHP for 500ml refill pack. They are available in supermarket and department stores all over Philippines.

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